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Oct 5, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Our quote of the day comes from the review of the film “Venom” by Los Angeles Times film critic Justin Chang: “‘Venom’ tells the story of a journalist who annoys his editor, develops a horrible diet and devolves into a feral, disagreeable version of his former self, all while unleashing panic and mayhem on an unsuspecting American populace. No, it isn’t a documentary.”

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  1. From what I’ve seen not many people seemed to like it but I actually quite enjoyed it once it got going, the build up to give Eddie’s character felt 5/10 minutes too long which I think the time could’ve been used towards the change for Eddie/venom doing the heroic thing as that felt rushed and a bit out of character for what I was expecting, but overall it was a fun watch from a casual point of view so I’ll give it a 7/10 since if you don’t take it too seriously then it’s worth a rewatch in the future.

    A couple of funny things I noticed the guy from the barber shop in luke cage has really moved up in the world owning his own news company now and the casual mentioning of kryptonite meaning DC comics exist in venoms universe.
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