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Fallout for Kid Rock After Remark About Joy Behar

Nov 30, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Despite receiving an invitation from Joy Behar to share a beer with her on “The View,” Kid Rock is at risk of being disinvited from his role as grand marshal of the Nashville Christmas Parade.

As we reported earlier today, Rock referred to Behar as “that Joy Behar bitch” during a live interview this morning on Fox News, prompting apologies from Fox’s Steve Doocy and others. While Behar didn’t seem especially put out when the incident was mentioned on “The View,” her co-hosts expressed outrage.

Now the AP reports that Nashville Mayor David Briley’s office says he’s “inclined not to participate” in the Nashville Christmas Parade if Kid Rock remains in place as grand marshal. The privately run event is scheduled to take place Saturday.

“Mayoral spokesman Thomas Mulgrew said Briley was disgusted by Kid Rock’s comments about Behar,” the AP reports. “He said Nashville is an inclusive place and Briley doesn’t want to be included in a parade with a grand marshal who says hateful things on national television.”


  1. Kid, do not apologize, I repeat do not apologize. It’s exactly what you just said and then everybody jumps on you for what you’re saying about the political incorrectness. Do not apologize.

  2. Agreed. DO NOT APOLOGIZE…

  3. At least Kid Rock had the guts to come out and say what many people think of Behar (and more). Go Kid!
    It will be a great day when the VIEW disappears.

  4. i would have said alot worse, what a piece of shit she is. thank you kid rock

  5. AMEN ! To all these responses. And Mr. Mayor, the city of Nashville doesn’t need you to have a parade.

  6. Screw all of you. This’ is Trumps fault. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Kid Rock is a fool man. Sheesh

  7. the previous comment that says “this is all trumps fault”. Hilarious. Of course it is. And so are all the problems In the world. 😂

  8. Turned on the Veiw for a spilt second and my ears took a nose dive. Their views on marriage is if you are divorced it was a successful marriage. And her comments were keep marrying because the first one was just practice. What a joke.

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