Poll Reveals America’s Most Trusted TV News Anchor

Nov 13, 2018  •  Post A Comment

A new poll about how much viewers trust TV news anchors gives the highest marks to NBC’s Lester Holt. The poll by The Hollywood Reporter and Morning Consult found that Holt was trusted “a lot” by 32% of respondents and “some” by another 30% — better results than any of the other broadcast or cable news anchors in the survey.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper was close behind with 29% indicating “a lot” of trust and 27% saying “some” — placing Cooper well ahead of his cable competition.

ABC’s David Muir and Robin Roberts also fared well, both scoring 28% in the “a lot” category.

At the other end of the spectrum, “the 10 least-trusted television news personalities all work for cable networks: Fox News host Sean Hannity leads the way (30 percent say they don’t trust him ‘at all’) followed by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow (26 percent), CNN’s Don Lemon (25 percent) and MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski (23 percent),” THR reports.

We encourage readers to click on the link above to THR to see the full poll results.


  1. Being a jerk and the least trusted…Hannity has the complete package.

  2. Put me down for Brain Williams. Still the only newsman among a weak field of news readers.

  3. Ainsley Earhardt gets my vote – I cheer for anybody on FOX, nobody on CNN

  4. Well, you didn’t ask me! Trust?!? I wouldn’t trust ANY news anchor–in today’s DEREGULATED, corporate media–to tell me whether the sky is blue. Lester Holt is one of the worst, clearly on his own agenda, NOT serving objective news!
    ITEM: In 1987, Ronald Reagan, stupidly, signed legislation to void the Fairness Doctrine, that until then required network news to, duh, be FAIR, BALANCED, OBJECTIVE AND TO NOT OMIT (effectively creating a news blackout) ANY significant news story. (Strike One for our two failed political parties for giving the One Percent exatly what they wanted, control of news content!)
    ITEM: Not to be outdone in the dumb and dumber department, Bill Clinton signed the 1996 Telecommunications Act removing laws forbidding conflict-of-interest media ownership. If you owned ANY other enterprise, you could not own media. For example, do we really want those who profit from warfare owning our media? Apparently Clinton thought it was hunky-dory, or perhaps it was by then both political parties were fully owned by “corporate.”
    This is a journalist of 40-years experience telling you that if Lester Holt was such hot stuff, instead of being the obedient tool of a corrupt, dangerous and broken media, he’d be speaking out that only Wall Street’s version of news is out there. Did you know, for example, we’re one of 8 nations fueling HALF of all growth on the planet, and corporate media (“The Voice of the One Percent”) don’t only not report that, they headline our falling birthrate to create the illusion we aren’t growing.
    So, don’t be stupid. When the “news” comes on, just assume you’re being lied to and, Lester, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! American public, consider yourself being INSULTED by today’s agenda-driven, corrupt “news”. Turn of the T.V. and think for yourself!

  5. Well by the list greg gutfeld had 34% so technically he is the most trusted not lester holt.

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