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Report: Megyn Kelly and NBC Close to Finalizing Settlement

Nov 20, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Megyn Kelly and NBC are said to be close to a settlement deal valued at $30 million. The New York Post’s Page Six reports that the deal will pay Kelly the full value of the time remaining on her three-year contract.

Kelly, who signed a deal reported to be worth $69 million when she joined NBC in 2017, is also said to be planning her return to TV.

“A source familiar with the negotiations said nothing will happen until next week at the earliest, admitting: ‘It’s taking slightly longer than expected, the paperwork is going back and forth,'” The Post reports, quoting another source saying: “Everyone wants this to be over — both Megyn and NBC — and Comcast has the money to pay off Megyn. We thought this would be a done deal a few weeks ago.”

The report also quotes a senior TV source saying: “NBC decided rather than fight and face a lawsuit from her, they — and more importantly, Comcast with all its money — decided to draw a line under the entire debacle and pay Megyn the full amount owed in her contract to go away.”

That source is also quoted saying: “But this is far from the end of her TV career — in the Trump era, there are few broadcasters like her. Megyn would likely take a short break from TV and return to cable news ahead of the 2020 election.”


  1. Be nice if I said something racist and got paid $30 million dollars to get fired for it.

  2. I would be surprised if any cable news network would want to take on the grief of defending her racist comments. It is more likely she joins Rush on the IAB network.

  3. Reason #78390069397845 why NBC sucks.

  4. What a bunch of B.S. There’s plenty of blame to go around. Maybe instead of wasting large sums of money on nonsense in the country, we do something really important like eliminating cancer!

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