Vandalism at Home of Fox News Host Being Investigated as Possible Hate Crime

Nov 9, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Police are investigating vandalism at the home of a Fox News host as a possible hate crime. The AP reports that the incident took place at the home of Tucker Carlson in the Washington, D.C., area.

The report calls it “the latest example of protesters targeting the personal lives of Trump administration officials and allies” in the area.

Carlson called the incident “chilling” and “upsetting” in a phone interview with Fox News.

“Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department reported that officers were summoned to Carlson’s home Wednesday evening and found about 20 protesters and a commonly used anarchy symbol spray-painted on the driveway,” the AP reports. “A brief video posted on social media by a group calling itself ‘Smash Racism DC’ shows people standing outside a darkened home and chanting, ‘Tucker Carlson, we will fight. We know where you sleep at night.’”

No arrests were made. The police report lists the incident as a “suspected hate crime” on the basis of “anti-political” bias.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police said: “We will work to hold those accountable for their unlawful actions. There is currently an open criminal investigation regarding this matter.”

Tucker Carlson


  1. Good. toss the clown outta town. Another trump chump.

  2. Fake news!

  3. Real news. So identify them, arrest them and prosecute. Call a halt to this illegal behavior.

  4. Regardless of how you feel about Tucker, this was wrong for this group to do. No one deserves to have their front door damaged just because they have different political opinions. The fact that you are okay with this says that you have absolutely no character.

  5. I’ll bet Ashley would change her tune if people came to her front door one night and terrorized her family !

  6. Of course it’s a hate crime. It’s Tucker Carlson. I hear next week Hannity’s pet snake will be stolen.

  7. How would Don Lemon or Joe Scarborough feel if this were done to their loved ones? This is an outrage. This is not freedom of speech. This is pure hate, jealousy and immaturity. Prosecute the perpetrators and may we show respect to all journalists.

  8. The fact that no arrest were made us chilling it was nothing less than the radical left using intimidation to silence someone the only hate speech they want to allow us their own and the MAN seems to agree but they forget it can become a two way street and it will matter little how they label it

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