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Well-Known Christmas Song a Casualty of #MeToo Movement

Nov 30, 2018  •  Post A Comment

A popular Christmas song is the focus of attention — much of it negative — after being pulled from the playlist of a Cleveland radio station in a move that’s linked to #MeToo. The song is “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

“WDOK 102.1, a Cleveland-based station that exclusively plays Christmas music during the holidays, announced this week the song would be removed from rotation after a listener called to say it was inappropriate amid the #MeToo movement,” USA Today reports, noting: “‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ has been a source of debate  for the past few years. Some argue it displays key signs of rape culture.”

USA Today’s Mary Nahorniak is quoted in the report writing: “Even if the intentions aren’t sinister, it’s simply exhausting to be a woman in that situation. In the original score, the male part is written as a ‘wolf’ and the woman as a ‘mouse’ — that speaks volumes about male predatory behavior. Many women know what it’s like to feel trapped by a man, whether emotionally or physically. In those situations, it doesn’t matter how it began or why she wants to leave, it only matters that she wants to go, now.”

On the other side of the argument, Karen Tongson, an English and gender studies associate professor at the University of Southern California, is quoted telling USA Today that in the historical context of the 1940s, when the song was written, it deals with a “kind of culture of repression that would forbid this kind of hanging out.”

Tongson adds: “The song itself is an effort to furnish female sexuality with a set of excuses as opposed to a coercive song.”

Decide for yourself … click here to listen to the song and see the lyrics.


  1. oh please

  2. Yes, there is a long road to correcting an ugly culture that has degraded women for decades. Must we take everything with it. Cherished memories of times gone by are in this song. But it’s Ok to hear B_t _h and a few other expletives regularly. Let’s get real. At some point common sense should prevail. Me Too is going Too Far.

  3. Well, I’m not politically correct. I wish these people would just shut up, it just shows how ignorant they are. They didn’t grow up in that time. They have no idea what they’re talking about. And even if they did grow up in that time period, they still have no idea what they’re talking about. Why do people have to read things into other things that just create problems and Mayhem, instead of just listening to a nice song or a good story. This has got to STOP !!!

    • Yes, tell them to shut up. Silence the dissent! We can’t allow people to disagree anymore, they either agree or shut up!

      Sounds like you are trying to send us down a very dark path…

  4. That’s hilarious; the radio stations I deal with are going to play it twice as often now.

  5. Double-Standards. Yet, aHip Hop is okay?

    • OMG hip hop videos are another world. Women are like pieces of meat. That’s a clean up job that might take years, but then you know you are treading on fragile ground because of the race issue.

  6. It’s a stupid song — a favorite of fat male ma$turbator$ who scrape by from paycheck to paycheck.

  7. This reveals a terrible pattern of erasing the past rather than talking about it, and assimilating with the young and idealistic people of today. Was that song representative of a “RAPE” or what is simply a woman being “lady like” (as was the culture then) and her pursuer not giving up hope? If you listen to the song the female singer is worried about what other people think. She also says “at least I’m gonna say that I tried” meaning she wants to but is trying to rationalize it. Do you understand how many of you wouldn’t be here right without the relentless pursuit of your ancestors? And regarding the part about “half a drink more”…if I had a nickel for every time I was asked by a female to drink up.
    Perhaps we should discuss the song with the singers before we judge the song and the era (and them in the process)? Oh wait, we can’t, they are no longer on this planet to defend themselves.
    Folks, listen to the song, make up your own mind. We need to stop adopting the ideals of the few and applying them to everyone. This type of logic truly is radical, and not in a good way. All this collateral damage diminishes the positive message that we should empower women. Is that what you really want metoo?

    @ Honey Hale
    Your condescending “mean girls” approach is representative of these new movements. “Fat male ma$turbator$”? Really? Please don’t have children.

    • It’s an adult issue, there is no perfect answer. Yes, it is true that half of us are here today because ancestors raped women. I”m sure that is true, but it doesn’t mean women should just accept that fact and be docile, for you to make that statement is laughable (disclosure: I”m male).

  8. Last song made by nearly day from people got married day all people do is have babies like welfare talk about ot
    Theu r not talking about rape she’s probably leave them to go store because that’s what men used to do all the women said on the cooked not today the only thing women who had to do just cause all kinds of problems that’s what happened when they gota college education n put in charge
    Can’t wait to put a woman in the White House and it’s that time of the month LOL

  9. This is crazy.
    It undermines what the ‘#metoo’ movement was all about.

    If this goes much farther, men will be forced to take estrogen to avoid being ‘manly’, even if some women may find a manly man ‘sexy’.
    Eventually, the only way manly men will be accepted is by other men.

    I never saw that song as a ‘nonconsensual trapping for sex’. It’s pretty obvious by the playful flirting in the song that it’s not the case.
    And I read this right after reading the ‘Snow White kiss being nonconsual’ post, and I have to agree with Pamela Anderson that everyone’s getting carried away.
    Get a grip, people.

  10. Oh come on what’s next no Christmas Iam so sick of hearing happy holidays instead of Merry Vhristmas. This is supposed to be our country come on ppl let’s act like it is

  11. My wife and I sing it to each other now after hearing it for the first time. We think it is cute, as was the intention of the song…clearly. This really is a solid example of metoo and other groups just want attention and to be heroes within their own ranks. They are protected because it benefits the media to side with noisemakers. Noise brings ratings and money.

  12. As usual, it’s all in the interpretation. I love the Ray Charles/Betty Carter version but I heard the song recently and cringed. There is something to be said about the fuss. Someone should do a dark sendup of the song so the idiots who think it’s harmless might get a better understanding. Actually, nevermind. Idiots are always idiotic.

  13. Jellyroll that is the stupidest thing I have heard “do a dark sendup”. In other words someone should make it look worse than it really is to drive the metoo narrative. I am sure that will happen actually. Typical.
    In the 40s and 50s the default response to male propositions was “no” because it was expected of them to be ladylike and dare I say “play hard to get” even when they wanted otherwise. There were consequences if they didn’t. I think we all know this is no longer the case and rightly so because yes that can and was exploited. However, when it comes to art, context matters, the artists matter, intentions matter, but once again it’s never about the truth with metoo, it’s all about driving a narrative.
    What is particularly troubling about this nonsense is that there are a thousand and one rap songs out there (some playing on the radio right now) blatantly talking about exploiting and abusing women and nobody is complaining about it. Yet this song is a big problem. Why? Because it has the aging/white/male/Christian/conservative thing attached to it. There is a horrible double standard being created.
    Lastly, art history assumes context from the time in which it was made. Modern social landscapes, agendas, and narratives should not get to judge it so easily.

  14. This is so ignorant!!! Rap calls women b***hes, h**s, and w****s but that’s ok??? View them as sex objects. If people find this to be ok but the song isn’t then you wasn’t raised right. I support the “me too” movement but people are taking it too far. If parents raise their kid/kids with better moral values then things like this wouldn’t be happening. Not everyone finds this song offensive.

  15. OK, this is getting redickulous (misspelled on purpose). They are so FN screwed up, next they’ll want the Wizard of Oz banned because the Cowardly Lion SAYS he wants to EAT Dorothy! RUINING careers, and Reputations aren’t enough, now they are taking away things that have been around for DECADES and most people just sing along to, not caring if its a sexual song or not, Prudes I guess should just go off into their little corners and cry about everything little thing they get upset about. OR better yet, get some THERAPY!

  16. VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN is very serious issue and it is not hidden, as we mostly see news related to this on tv and newspapers. #metoo movement highlights the issue of abuse and harassment of women in the indian society.
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