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Why the Head of GLAAD Thinks Kevin Hart Should Not Have Stepped Down as Oscars Host

Dec 7, 2018  •  Post A Comment

The president and CEO of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation said Kevin Hart “shouldn’t have stepped down; he should have stepped up,” after the comedian announced he would not be hosting the upcoming Oscars.

Sarah Kate Ellis commented on Hart’s move in a statement today to TheWrap. “Hart’s apology to LGBTQ people is an important step forward, but he missed a real opportunity to use his platform and the Oscars stage to build unity and awareness,” she said.

As we reported previously, Hart stepped down from the hosting job after coming under fire for past social media posts and other comments that were widely perceived as homophobic.

Ellis noted that the organization would “still welcome that conversation with him.”

“The Academy has recently made significant strides in featuring diverse talent onstage and they should now double down on that commitment as they look for a new host,” she said in her statement.


  1. Ellen was heard saying…..If I only had a dick.

  2. As usual, it’s not even the “oppressed” or “marginalized” people who had beef. It’s white, straight, well-to-do flaming liberals with blue checks and a few thousand followers who take offense on behalf of other people. And it’s the media’s fault for legitimizing these utterly worthless nobodies by calling them all “twitter.” “Twitter erupted!” “Twitter wasn’t happy.” “Twitter had something to say.” As if a cabal of a few thousand PC vigilantes with keyboards talk for the tens of millions who have better things to do than search for stuff with which to upset themselves.

    Media should’ve nipped this garbage in the bud almost 10 years ago when Jon Stewart explained to Larry King, “A news person shouldn’t be saying ‘we have some tweets.’ Who are these people? They could be anyone. It’s like saying ‘I went to the bathroom and someone in the next stall said…'”

  3. The media has become lazy. It is much easier to say “Twitter erupted” than do an actual investigation into the story. It’s sad that journalist seem to no longer question the source. I’ve seen news stories where I swear they are just reading some companies press release. They need to get back to the “5 Ws”.

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