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CBS News May Tweak the Anchor Lineup on ‘CBS This Morning’

Mar 8, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Executives at CBS News are looking at making some changes to the “CBS This Morning” anchor lineup, Variety reports.

“Gayle King, Norah O’Donnell, John Dickerson and Bianna Golodryga have scored a notable string of scoops for ‘CBS This Morning’ in recent weeks,” Variety reports. “Now executives at the network’s news division are considering something that would also make headlines — a new anchor lineup for the show.”

The report notes that Susan Zirinsky officially took over the division as president just last week. She and her team are said to be considering sending at least two of the four anchors to other assignments.

“Meanwhile, CBS News is in contract talks with King, who has emerged as the most visible member of the ‘CBS This Morning’ team, thanks to a high-profile sit-down this week with disgraced music star R. Kelly,” Variety notes.

The report cites three sources who are familiar with the situation who say Dickerson may take a new role at “60 Minutes” covering politics.

As we reported previously, there has also been talk about sending O’Donnell to “CBS Evening News” as a replacement for Jeff Glor.

“A reorganized ‘CBS This Morning’ could be centered around King if CBS News can seal a long-term deal with her,” Variety reports, noting that the sources warned that any moves are contingent on many internal factors and may not come to fruition.


  1. So, this is strictly a PR piece highlighting Gayle King’s importance but is yet not re-signed. Dickerson and the other chick are out.

  2. CBS morning show, for me, is way off it’s focus if you think Gayle King should be the main anchor for the show. This weeks focus was soooo “Entertainment Tonight” instead of real news. I tuned out most of the week on all reports on Kelley. Who cares! When all the other serious news is ignored to report on celebrities. I’ve been turned off from the other morning shows over the years and enjoyed CBS because of it’s focus on real news. Now you are moving towards programming like the other shows. How sad! Gayle King is pathetic and I don’t care for all her stupid comments and opinions. Get rid of her.

    • Ditto x 2 in our household

  3. Do not replace Jeff Glore please,,,,,He reports with warmth and genuine feeling. He appears unbiased. No to Nora O’Donnell as anchor replacement.

    • I agree. If O’Donnell takes over I will go to ABC or NBC.

  4. Sue Watts is on the money. Send Gayle King back to Oprah-land because that’s what she’s all about. News–NOT Gayle King.

  5. Gayle King is good,BUT, so all about Gayle and her ego. The R Kelly interviews, too much exposure. I went to the Today program. The last anchor to go should be Nora O’Donnell. She is a solid reporter with a lot more experience than Gayle King. John Dickerson has been overshadowed by Gayle Kings need to be in control. I switched to CBS Morning in the beginning of the program because I wanted good news not entertainment in the morning
    Keep Nora McDonnell, please.

  6. I liked Jeff glor best when he was more at ease as a CBS morning anchor. Also hugely respect Nora and Gayle but I agree that there was too much R Kelly this week and I prefer the usual focus on news . Like John Dickerson he seems somewhat wasted as 1 of 4

  7. I love Jeff Glore. I look forward to his nightly news. Do not replace him. Because your news comes on at 6:30 pm that may be why rating are not as high. I will turn to ABC if you put Nora ODonnel . She is so boring and stuck up.

  8. Having four anchors is simply stupid. And confusing. Dumbest move on the planet. Like a rap video with too may hoochies.

    Gayle King – needs to be re-signed. Only reason is to watch her get witchy. And she knows news, entertainment and on and on and quite frankly she is the highest profile African American on television.

    Norah O’Donnell – deserves Evening News. Earned it. Great talent. Knows news and Jeff Glor does a nice job but Norah would make it competitive.

    John Dickerson – dumb move to take him off of the Sunday program. Cause whatever the woman’s name who replaced him is like taking an overdose of sedatives.

    Bianna Golodryga – why the added her to the mix as the 4th is mind-boggling as well. But now that Norah and John are leaving that show she fits right in. Glad to see she’s not getting screwed in all of these changes.

  9. I still miss Scott Pelley as anchor on CBS Evening News. The timing of his removal seemed to happen around the same time as his sterling (and relentless) fact-checking of Trump and his administration, or may have been Rhodes not liking him or may have been ratings – never fully explained and was very abrupt. I have grown accustomed to Jeff Gor, who seems to do less fact-checking on Trump maybe in an effort to be “Switzerland”, still think it’s about time for a female news anchor (although Nora seems unapproachable). Was wondering why J. Dickerson was so quiet this past week – almost zero comments re: R. Kelly – not sure if he’s hesitant as a man to comment on it – but male viewers need to hear other males’ viewpoint. A lost opportunity for Dickerson to represent the male perspective. Although if he’s moving off the show that may explain his lack of interest.

  10. AGREE with all the prior posts!!! and Sue Watts!! spot on!!
    this is CBS this morning, NOT HERRRREEEEE””SSSSSSS GGGAAAAYYYYLLLEEEE!!! oh yes, this is a news show? Why on earth CBS is letting Bianna go is ridiculous. The morning show should be Norah, John and Bianna. No brainer here! or is that the type of show you want. When Gayle is on assignment and the 3 anchors are together it WORKS. No talking above eveyon, no always saying the firwt and last comment, Norah is gracious and professional and has tried to reel Gayle in, but please there is toooo of one person. When did CBS want flash news? flash stories? and then it seemed like CBS found the… ‘Second Coming’ really?! An interview with R. Kelly??!!! Who knows who really tweeks the personnel at CBS? Probably is Oprahland, but no one will stand up to it!!
    I will literally watch the first 90 seconds, then channel changed or the television is turned off. Please CBS get back to what you are!!!
    News in the morning, for 2 hours, not just the first 90 seconds!!!

    • I totally agree! Please do not make this the Gayle King show! Cannot deal with her editorializing and talking over everyone else at the table.
      I enjoy the show the way it is now. If these changes occur I’m going to have to find something else to watch- and I’m not sure what that will be. Don’t like any of the other network or local shows. CBS was the perfect balance.

  11. Very disapointed that Biana was let go. That was a big mistake. She, in my opinon was far more professional and informative than Garolous Gayle King who is so full of herself and has become a name dropper that flaunts hertarvels, wealth, and movie star friends. She needs to alwys have the last word and share her personal opinion…..nobody cares Gayle. Tha fact that she is getting a huge raise and top billing over the R.Kelly interview is so very weak on CBS’s part. Gayle will only feel intitled to do more of what she does on the show like inturupting and starting and ending each segment taht is discussed. John Dickerson was perfect on the Sunday morning show and I dont think Margert ever smiles. She is out of her element completley. Get rid of Gayle …..as you can see from all of these comments she is whatis going to take this news program down.

  12. Gayle is very likeable. However she’s a news “featherweight”. John and Norah add depth and
    professional abilities to the show. The constant interrupting by Gayle shuts down knowledgeable questions , especially by John. If Gayle becomes the primary host, I will be looking for a more substantial morning news source. I also have chosen not to watch Margret on Sunday morning. Please leave the pros alone. NBC went Hollywood years ago. ABC is a poor substitute for CBS news. Please go for real news, and not some folksy chat every morning.

  13. I disagree with many of the other comments shared here. Nora is politically biased in her questioning and should be the one to go. Gayle, John and Bianna are all able to handle stories or topics that they may personally have with issues with without coloring the stories or the questions they ask with their own personal biases. The celebrity news is a problem of the producer not Gayle King. I watch CBS this morning for the news and stopped watching Good Morning America because it was too focused on the entertainment fluff stuff. I must say however, that a celebrity getting away with child molestation for years is not a fluff story. BUT, The amount of time spent on R Kelley and Jussie Smollett is way out of proportion to the importance of these in the lives of the general public. I want to hear some real investigative reporting and I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THE LIES OF THE POTUS repeated over and over again. For example, if you are going to have the anchor say that DJT says Dems want open borders, You must label it as incorrect, then you must follow with a statement of fact that no Democratic legislators have advocated for open borders and then repeat the truthful statement again at the end of the piece.

  14. Do not replace Jeff Glor with Norah she is not a team player. She is obviously a talented reporter but not a team player. Her constant rude little jabs towards her co-anchors is a unnecessary distraction from the stories being discussed. If anyone should go it should be her. He is a wonderful anchor and always tries to be unbiased. All of the constant turnover is what is driving your viewers away.

  15. Jeff Glore is the best darn thing that has happened in a long time!! He’s honest , travels when asked and loyal!! It’s abserd
    To think none of the men on CBS news are any good. Yes Rose f up but all these women like Kind and O’Donnell do nothing but sit on their high horse and bash men!!
    It’s digusting and very bias and one sided . Witch hunts are for withes and all of you fall into this catergory !!

  16. Don D
    That should read King , not Kind . When it comes to the topic about Men ,
    Kind is not in her vocabulary !
    Good bye CBS news I am done with you!

  17. I fail to see how cbs thinks they are going to grab viewers in the 25-54 year range with Gayle king who is in her 60s. The obvious person is Jeff Glor. He’s personable , the right age and to the point and sticks with the news of the day. Did she sell them that idea? She is too impressed with herself and her biases and ideas. I change channels when she comes on. Her attitude is off putting.

  18. It appears Jeff Glor is finished at CBS. Scott was excellent & a big CBS mistake, I feel CBS got lucky with Jeff. Too many news shows in the western time zone. ABC from 4 to 7pm, NBC from 5 to 7pm & CBS with an 1&1/2 hours of local boring repetitive info surrounding Jeff. A FISH DIES THE HEAD STINKS FIRST !!!! Changes needed at the top.

  19. As a long time viewer of CBS This Morning, I cannot watch another minute of Gail King,(quite the ego there), not a very smart move. What’s next, a clapping live audience like Good Morning America? Who is in charge over there? Give her and Gail King the boot. OMG, what a stupid move CBS.

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