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CBS Staffers on Edge After Company Calls for Reorganization, $100 Million in Cuts

Mar 13, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Employees at CBS are said to be nervous about whose jobs might be on the chopping block after the company ramped up talk about reorganization and cost cutting.

The New York Post quotes interim CEO Joe Ianniello telling analysts Tuesday at the Deutsche Bank Media and Telecom conference in Palm Beach, Fla.: “We are reorganizing and thinking about functions that go across multiple divisions. We expect to … get $100 million in cost savings.”

“That had staffers of CBS’ news division questioning who might be on the chopping block, especially as ratings for its morning and nightly news shows fall — and as Gayle King of ‘CBS This Morning’ is reported to be looking to at least double her $6 million salary,” The Post reports.

The publication quotes one well-placed source saying: “Gayle is looking for $10 million more? Bodies will have to roll.”

The source added: “Their morning show hasn’t had an executive producer for two and half months. Meanwhile, the evening news team thinks they are all fired.”

The Post adds: “CBS is also rumored to be looking outside for talent, including former ‘Today’ co-host Ann Curry, who left NBC in 2012 with an annual salary of about $10 million. HLN anchor Ashleigh Banfield has also been said to be interviewing for the morning gig.”


  1. What a mess…

  2. None of these anchors are worth more than a million per year, maybe not even that. Viewers stopped tuning into “anchors” at least 20 years ago. Even broadcast TV news itself- Network or local- is becoming an anachronism. That is a hard reality. Again, big time pay is no longer justified for “news anchors” in this internet/digital world.

  3. CBS will apparently be ripped to shreds by Bean Counters who have no knowledge of the creative, productive world that has been CBS from William Paley’s early days of forming “The Tiffany Network”.

    For all who worked there over the many decades it was, from a ground position up, a great place to do good work and be appreciated for it.

    Gayle King is good, but should be forever grateful she makes $120,000 a week, then sit down, fold her ego and do her job.

    Peter Bright

  4. The ghost of Larry Tisch returns and the idiots on the CBS Board didn’t learn a thing. But, it’s GREAT news for ABC and NBC..and Fox.

  5. Promote women, fire men. This is what happens when women are in charge but don’t worry it’s not sexism because the women are having their cake.

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