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Tim Tebow — the Former Bronco and Current Met Hopeful — Explains His New CBS Series

Mar 22, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Polarizing sports figure Tim Tebow, who continues to have a career despite washing out in the NFL, has a couple of big irons currently in the fire, with aspirations to play ball for the New York Mets and a new show premiering next week on CBS.

The New York Post reports that Tebow, who will start the season with the Mets’ Triple-A affiliate in Syracuse, taped 10 episodes of the new CBS series “Million Dollar Mile” late last fall. Tebow will host the obstacle-course competition show.

The report quotes Tebow, 31, saying: “Although I’ve never been an obstacle-course racer I know what it’s like to be able to try to handle the pressure and the lights and push yourself past limits you didn’t think were possible.”

The show premieres Wednesday, March 27.

The Post reports that in the series “contestants (‘Runners’) tackle a grueling obstacle course and try to claim the $1 million grand prize while battling a team of elite athletes (‘Defenders,’ including Emma Chapman, aka ‘The Mighty Kiwi’) trying to stop them. LA Chargers play-by-play announcer Matt ‘Money’ Smith and ESPN host/reporter Maria Taylor provide the commentary.”

The obstacle course was set up under the streetlights of downtown Los Angeles. Commenting on the locale, Tebow is quoted saying: “I gotta be honest, I think that adds to the pressure of it. You’re in the moment, the bigness of it, the feel of it when it’s lit up at night with the colors and it just looks so cool.

“We would film late, then I would sleep in, wake up and go train with the USC baseball team and then head back to the set to look over what we were going to do for the next night. I think the biggest challenge for me, to be honest with you, is that I was so into it that I was losing my voice. Between every race I had to have tea with lemon and ginger and honey in it.”

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