Criminal Investigation Launched in Killing of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star’s Dog

May 3, 2019  •  Post A Comment

An investigation has been launched into the apparent killing of a dog that belonged to Jenelle Evans, a reality TV personality seen on MTV’s “Teen Mom 2.” As we reported previously, Evans’ husband, David Eason, apparently shot the French bulldog, Nugget, after becoming outraged when the animal nipped at his young daughter.

TMZ reports that the Sheriff’s Office and County Animal Control in Columbus County, N.C., have initiated a joint investigation into allegations of animal cruelty in connection with the case.

The report adds details about Eason’s alleged rage against the small dog.

“A source close to Jenelle tells us right after Nugget nipped at his daughter, David brought the dog outside and continuously slammed him against their back deck … from there, he took Nugget into a wooded area and shot him,” TMZ reports.

The report notes that North Carolina’s animal welfare hotline was “flooded with calls about the incident” after news broke of the alleged killing of the dog.

Eason had a brief encounter with a photographer/reporter for WSFX when Eason appeared in court today on a separate matter. TMZ reports that Eason threatened the photographer after being asked about the dog.

The report includes a brief video clip of the latest incident.

“Eason was in a North Carolina courtroom because he owed $5,187 in back child support,” TMZ notes. “He had a deadline of Friday to pay up or possibly be held in contempt and go to jail. He showed up empty-handed, but the judge gave him a reprieve … to come up with the money in the next few hours.”

The report notes that Eason later returned to the court and paid the money.

“He owed the money to Olivia Leedham, the mother of his 5-year-old son,” TMZ adds. “Leedham claimed back in 2013, when she was 8 months pregnant he shoved her and also left her in the middle of the road when she was 7 months pregnant.”


  1. Seems like law enforcement resources could be better used trying to prevent shootings at North Carolina Universities than chasing someone for dog cruelty.

  2. What a loser, it must take a REALLY BIG man to hurt and kill a small animal. Here’s an idea, teach your children to never get in an animals face, but then again that would take parental skills, to which you and your wife seem to have none. The only thing she is infamous for is having children in her teens, getting arrested, and picking up loosers to have those children with…..sort of like you, no, actually just like you. Shame on you and her. MTV should drop her from the show, seeing as you profit off of her money, and she seems to have not done any thing with her life. I would be willing to bet, she is the one that paid your back child support, Yes, you are a real winner Eason.

  3. @Guilty Cleric – that shooting was in another county smarty pants 🙄

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