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‘Jeopardy!’ Sensation’s Golden Moment May Not End When (If?) His ‘Jeopardy!’ Run Ever Does

May 3, 2019  •  Post A Comment

“Jeopardy!” whiz James Holzhauer, who has fired up haters and fans alike as he has been setting records and demolishing the competition on the brainy game show for the past month, may see some positive fallout that extends beyond his run on “Jeopardy!”

Marc Carig, national baseball writer for The Athletic, reports that Holzhauer, a professional sports gambler living in Las Vegas, grew up a Chicago Cubs fan and has had dreams of working in the front office of an MLB team.

Carig added in a tweet: “I hear at least one team has some level of interest in his services.” Carig did not elaborate, nor did he specify the team.

Carig quotes Holzhauer saying: “Part of me always wonders what it would be like to realize that childhood dream.”

Holzhauer is also quoted by Carig saying: “I would have to at least consider the right offer if it came along.”

Holzhauer has referenced his MLB dreams on his Twitter account, including in the tweet you can see below, sent out April 29. The tweet jokes about how Holzhauer is “ruining @Jeopardy,” and links to a Washington Post opinion piece headlined “James Holzhauer is a menace to ‘Jeopardy!’ — one of the many negative pieces that have been published about Holzhauer’s historic run.


  1. That guy is ruining jeopardy, I won’t watch him he’s sickening.

  2. He’s not ruining Jeopardy, he’s dominating it by combining strategies that other successful contestants have used into a hybrid strategy that no one had tried before. He’s also has a broad and deep knowledge base. He’s not ruining it, he’s changing it for future contestants. He will eventually lose and the game will be forever changed.

  3. I for one enjoy watching James he’s a lucky guy! He’s exciting and not so bad on the eye’s 👀! James makes Jeopardy fun to watch! Keep it going James I’m your fan! 🙋💪👍🏆

  4. James is a once a generation type of player. Ratings and interest for the show are up, perfect timing to give Mr Trebek added strength during his awfully tough health battle. All records are meant to be broken, and this is tremendous fun.

  5. Occasionally watched the game but now it’s a bigger draw to see how well he will do, how much he will wager and win(or lose) and see if he can be beat, he has such a deep depth of knowledge. I like his style of picking the board amounts and his various bets, really can’t believe no one has done the board clearing in this way before. Interesting how he just moved the game along between each question, shows no hesitation. (BTY, I can’t stand Ken or Buzzy but do like that odd waiter guy from NY or Boston). It’s going to take a bad day with a big/bad bet for him to loose, almost did by $18 the other day but it wasn’t because he made a big bet with a missed question, it was because the other guy also had a good day, so he can be beat. But when?? My bet is he will top Ken in less than a third of the games. I also want to know how much he will actually give to kids charities? Sick kids summer camps like Victory Junction in NC or any of the Hole in the Wall Gang Camps would be great.

  6. James is fascinating to watch. Such a huge knowledge of so many subjects. Keep it Going James.

  7. Incredible James. Don’t mistake strategy as particularly important. Yes, it jacks up his winnings; but the fact is I’ve never seen such profound knowledge of so many subjects. Fascinating.

    And SO quick on the buzzer!

  8. I hate when someone suggests how a person with money should donate and to whom. Mind your own business and key them live their own lives.

  9. I am enjoying every episode. Fun to watch! He is an extremely bright young man.

  10. Go go, James!! It’s Amazing to see your vast knowledge. Keep going!

  11. This man has such knowledge!!!….he is amazing!!! Have watched Jeopardy for years..he makes it exciting!!! ….you go James!!!

  12. I agree with everyone so far. Love how fast he is on the. Buzzer. Good luck.

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