Former ‘CBS Evening News’ Anchor Scott Pelley Reveals Why He Lost the Job

May 28, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Scott Pelley, who was forced out as anchor of the “CBS Evening News” in 2017 after six years in the position, says he lost the job because of his complaints to management about a hostile work environment at the network.

Pelley commented on the situation during an appearance on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” — you can see the clip below.

“I lost my job at the ‘Evening News’ because I wouldn’t stop complaining to management about the hostile work environment,” Pelley told CNN’s Brian Stelter.

Pelley mentioned then-network news President David Rhodes, who has since left CBS. “He told me if I kept agitating about that internally then I’d lose my job,” Pelley said.

Pelley added: “Having exhausted the possibilities in the news division, I went to the chairman of the CBS Corporation, who listened to me very concerned for an hour, asked me some penetrating questions about what was going on. I didn’t hear back from him, but in the next opportunity in my contract I was let go from the ‘Evening News.’”

The CBS Corp. chairman was Leslie Moonves, who later exited CBS, in September 2018, amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

Pelley, who remains at “60 Minutes,” cited other changes since he was reassigned, including the ascent of Susan Zirinsky to head the news division.

“I know all of these new people — I’ve known them for decades — and they are people of the highest principles,” he said, adding: “I couldn’t be more excited about the future of CBS News than I am right now.”


  1. That may be the story he is sticking to but the public has other views on his liberal agenda and his insistence to push it down the throats of a public who want unbiased reporting.

  2. CBS was in third place with Pelly and there was no way to go but up. That said, until “The CBS Evening News” find a unique and relevant position in the market, it won’t matter who anchors.

  3. Perhaps it was self-inflicted.

  4. Pelly lost the anchor chair because the ratings never went anywhere. It’s as simple as that. He was a dull, boring, anchorman who gained NO traction. HIS excuse is crap. If he were such a thorn in the Company’s side and they wanted to ;punish him, then WHY did they hand him a 60 MINUTES’ correspondant’s job. So you punish someone by giving them a top spot on the New Division’s Crown Jewel??? A job most every reporter in the world would covet???? OK. You might notice Jeffy Glor ain’t going to 60 MINUTES. And he was a totally loyal foot soldier. (But even duller than Pelley.) And as for Susan’s idiotic MAGA view, stick with FOX News..No Facts, NO Reason…the REAL voice of Truth. (Hahahaha).

  5. We agree with William Bailey. Pelly lost his anchor job BECAUSE PELLY FAILED TO DELIVER THE RATINGS. Period. End of story. But like a lot of LOSERS these days, Pelly refuses to accept responsibility, and his failure is of course someone else’s fault. And now Pelly is publicly knocking and biting the hand that feeds him ?????? Wow. CBS should fire his sorry ass. What a miserable loser.

  6. Scott Pelley bites the hand that feeds him. He should be happy to still have a job with @#60Minutes the smuck.

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