Fox Reorganizes Commercial Breaks for Next Year’s Super Bowl

May 3, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Fox is changing things up in the way it will place commercials in next year’s Super Bowl.

“Fox intends to cut one commercial break from each quarter in its February 2020 broadcast of Super Bowl LIV, according to four people familiar with the matter, a bid to eliminate some of the interruptions to the flow of play,” Variety reports. “The maneuver comes straight from the playbook of the NFL, which has been working with its TV partners to counter criticism about the volume of breaks in the game.”

The report notes that the NFL and the TV networks have been seeking to find ways to hold the interest of a generation of viewers who are prepared to use any break in the action as an opportunity to check in on social media and fantasy-league sites.

“Fox will cut the number of Super Bowl commercial breaks per quarter to four from five,” Variety reports, citing its sources. “The big game will still feature the same number of commercials as past events, albeit organized differently. The four remaining ad breaks will be slightly longer, and the game will have fewer ‘A’ or ‘Z’ slots, or first and last ads in a commercial break or ‘pod.'”

The report notes that the move could add some impetus to negotiations with certain marketers who seek to be in the first or last slots of a pod.

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  1. If the strategy is to get people to stop checking their social media, I am not sure longer breaks will help. It actually is likely to get them more involved in whatever they are doing on social media and slower to come back to the game. The better strategy may be to look to something new. Running one 30 second ad when there is a turnover and the referees are setting up the ball. Having that period be 35 seconds would not be bad, as it takes almost that amount of time anyway, especially punts and kickoffs. The same with penalties; the contemplation between the refs as to what is the appropriate call and where the ball should be placed and what the clock should, be always takes about 35 seconds, if not longer.

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