HBO Scores an Early Win in Legal Battle With Michael Jackson Estate

May 29, 2019  •  Post A Comment

HBO scored a victory in court this week in its dispute with the estate of Michael Jackson over the pay-cable channel’s documentary “Leaving Neverland,” which details alleged child sex abuse by Jackson.

The Hollywood Reporter’s THR, Esq., reports that a federal judge rejected a motion from Jackson’s estate to send the case to an arbitrator.

“The Michael Jackson Estate sued HBO shortly before ‘Leaving Neverland’ premiered March 3,” THR notes. “The plaintiff alleges that the film constitutes a breach of a non-disparagement clause in a 27-year-old agreement, one that provided the pay network with rights to air a televised concert following the release of Jackson’s album ‘Dangerous.'”

THR adds that the estate “doesn’t actually wish to litigate in open court. Instead, Jackson’s heirs invoked an arbitration clause in that old deal and aimed to get a Los Angeles Superior Court judge to compel a showdown before the American Arbitration Association.”

The report notes that HBO has characterized the estate’s legal endeavor as a “transparent effort to bolster their publicity campaign against the documentary” by skirting legal precedent against posthumous defamation claims.


  1. Michael Jackson was chemically castrated before puberty by his father Joe in order to keep MJ’s high pitched voice (and the money coming). The castration is the main problem of MJ – the main cause of his super odd behavior – depression, face dysphoria, Peter Pan syndrome. Michael befriended series of young boys in a desperate attempt to soothe himself from his depression but he went really tooooo far!!! Sleeping in one bed with minors, watching porn, oral sex and mutual masturbation is a child abuse per se. But Michael hardly realized it. He was deeply troubled mind. He was trying to make copies of himself at the age of abuse (prepubescent age). The castration is the main cause MJ was not able to have biological kids and used a donor sperm to produce “his” 3 Caucasian kids. The castration is the key to unravel this baffling case. But the castration is a taboo to discuss. If revealed MJ estate will lose fan mass/revenue. And they MUST admit that Joe was a criminal and that all “marriages” of Michael were fake. So, MJ estate will always deny the castration.

  2. The castration is the glaringly obvious reason why Michael is innocent. Want more evidence that he was castrated? Listen to his speaking voice. Grown men with functioning testicles don’t sound like that. And castrated men don’t have sexual desires. If anything, Michael likely just related to children socially because men reminded him of his abusive father. And the parents of those kids saw a financial opportunity in drumming up false claims. The whole documentary is based on the claims of a man who, for his entire childhood, swore up and down that Michael never laid a hand on him, but as then finally, as an adult who probably needed money, suddenly changed his story. Michael Jackson is a story of tragedy. He is a story of child abuse and exploitation by a litigious society of opportunists. He is the story of a man child that tried to bring joy to a world that only marginalized him for being different. Even as his remains decompose in the ground, lowly scumbags find ways to capitalize on his name. The time to persecute him ended the day he was cold in the ground. Let it go. Creating money grab ‘exposes’ of dead people who can’t defend themselves is cowardly and objectively wrong. This ordeal should be a black mark on the brand of HBO. They should be regarded as opportunistic profiteering scum for what they did to a dead man that can’t defend himself.

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