Hollywood Productions Pull Out of Georgia

May 21, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Hollywood is beginning to let its feelings be known about the state of Georgia’s new abortion ban, with two productions pulling out of the state, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Two projects, Lionsgate’s Kristen Wiig film ‘Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar’ and Amazon’s Reed Morano series ‘The Power,’ have both pulled production from Georgia after initially intending to shoot in the state,” THR reports. “A source close to the production confirmed the former, while Morano posted about the latter on Instagram. Both projects appear to have been in the location planning stages.”

The report adds: “According to Time, which broke the news, Morano was supposed to fly to Savannah to scout locations for her new TV series, a female-focused drama — but she canceled the trip in the wake of the ‘heartbeat bill,’ which bans abortions after only six weeks.”

Morano is quoted saying: “We had no problem stopping the entire process instantly. There is no way we would ever bring our money to that state by shooting there.”


  1. I hope Marvel follows suit. I, myself, would never have an abortion and, as a nurse, would never accept a job participating in one (can’t go to work saying “just rape cases, please”). HOWEVER, legislating away free will use of a medical procedure? Think you’re reading the wrong Bible, kiddies

  2. Abortion is horrible for the woman and the unborn child. The law recently passed in NY by Governor Cuomo is sickening. NY now allows a mother and father to kill an infant in the third trimester up to birth! An infant that feels pain and suffering. I applaud Georgia and Alabama for raising awareness to this issue. They have everyone talking. Roe v. Wade is being abused.

    Teach your children well. Practice safe sex. Much harder to do than having an abortion.

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