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‘CBS This Morning’ Takes a Ratings Hit Following Anchor Shakeup

Jun 27, 2019  •  Post A Comment

A recent shakeup in the anchor lineup at “CBS This Morning,” with Anthony Mason and Tony Dokoupil joining Gayle King as Norah O’Donnell heads out for “CBS Evening News” and John Dickerson exits to “60 Minutes,” does not appear to be helping matters as the show continues to search for viewers.

The New York Post’s Page Six reports that after a brief uptick the numbers have headed south.

“The CBS show initially saw a bump in viewers” in late May, the story reports. “But for the week of June 17, ‘This Morning’ had its smallest average audience since the changes, with 2.7 million total viewers, down from 3.1 million, a 14% dip.”

The Post adds that the program also lost viewers in the 25-to-54 demo, where it dropped 17% from the same week a year ago.

“CBS This Morning”


  1. Two white men in suits and ties surrounding a black woman is not going to get white women who are the target consumer to watch this show. Expect the ratings to continue to drop.

  2. I agree 100%

  3. I am not watching “ÇBSThis Morning” anymore. Anxiously waiting for Nora’s debut.

  4. Wait till Norah O’Donnell takes over CBS Evening News. CBS will have two news programs in trouble.

  5. Gail and Nora play off each other so well. They were why I started watching. You need another woman. Bring Nora back and put Anthony on the nightly news

  6. Tony and Anthony are two of my favs and I can’t say that about Gayle. I believe she gets position from being a good friend of O. She always seems to get the last word be it snarky or complementary. There are times I believe she thinks she runs the show. I don’t care if it is male or female on just run the show with no cooking or shopping advice that is the reason I watch because news should be news not a talk show.

    • Totally agree. Now the show centers around Gayle and her comments. Less of her would be nice. I feel bad for Tony and Anthony who are true journalists. Gayle is Oprah’s friend trying to turn the show into another Today/GMA format.

  7. Nora needed to go. Also Gail needs to go. Come on everyone knows she is there because she is Oprah’s best friend. She is not that good. Let her work for Oprah. Make CBS Morning Show Great Again!

  8. CBS This Morning is turning into another lighthearted laugh fest to mimic ABC and NBC. I watched because they were doing real news. Charlie Rose may have made mistakes but he did know what was news and how to conduct an interview. That seemed to carry on after he left but now it’s changing. The long interviews and fluff are more in tune to CBS Sunday Morning. What’s next? Will the anchors be standing outside with cheering fans? That silliness is why I left GMA and Today. Just give me the news without your “insight” or “opinions”. If I wanted to watch laughing goofballs I would have tuned into the competition.

  9. The focus on softer news, magnified with the new segment of everyone’s favorite story, is childish. I started watching the CBS Morning News because it had more actual hard news than the other programs, but now it’s too similar to the others. The men have no actual charisma, and Gayle does better with at least one other woman, preferably someone with a hard news credential that she can play off of with her sense of humor. And stop calling it CTM – no one will actually call it that. It’s like giving yourself a nickname.

  10. Interesting though. I do not like Gail. I do not like racism, but Gail puts subtle hints of racism. Also, she dies not deserve this position just because sh9a friend of O.

  11. Oprah’s girlfriend stinks !

  12. The show is too dry and stiff, Gayle King in particular., and I’m a black 70 yr. old woman. That’s why I watch CNN or MSNBC
    or NBC


  13. I don’t understand why any news outlet would think gayle king is a draw. She is annoying. Get back to the news. CBS removed Scott Pelley from evening news and now King is your go to person for morning news? I won’t be watching cbs in the future.

  14. Gayle doesn’t need this job ,she needs to go .Don’t like her anyway ,go to being friends with O. She is so annoying and is not all that as she thinks she is. Just saying what a mess they created,i want Nora back i like her ,what a big mistake on CBS
    So dumb. You dearth Vader people went to the dark side of no return .

  15. I started watching 2 years ago because it had serious news in the morning without cosmetics and cooking. It was fun for a while when Gayle was the light hearted addition. But now she always has the last word, no chemistry with Tony and Anthony. STOP calling it CTM. That sounds like a fake station in a bad movie. And drop the shared stories. This is 2nd grade.

  16. Wow, you guys are ruthless! These people are just doing their jobs! I’m OK with everybody has an opinion but damn! Give them a chance!

  17. Gayle King does not have the gravitas to anchor the morning news. That is, if CBS takes themselves seriously.
    CBS has an identity crisis. They need to figure out who they are and that will determine their viewership.
    Is there anyone in America who thinks King would be in that position if she applied for it off the street? Any viewer interested in the news could see this ratings plummet coming a mile away.

  18. Please fire Gayle. She’s racist and annoying. We don’t care about her constant opinions and snarky remarks. Please fire Gayle.

  19. Sadly this show went downhill since Charlie’s departure. The only reason I watched CBS (I refuse to call it CTM) was because they were different than the other sorry ‘clown acts’ on NBC and ABC. I am so sick and tired of all the laughing, hearing the anchors voice their own opinions, watching and commenting on social media videos, etc. Come on!! Is anyone capable of delivering the ACTUAL UNBIASED NEWS???? I’m old enough to remember when the reporter didn’t show, or speak about their own personal opinion! I am capable of forming my own opinion… thank you! Bring back some intelligent reporting please…trust me there are still some adults out here who can handle it!

  20. We watched CBS for a change from Fox, to get different views. This new change is so annoying. Gayle King is racist, and only got the part because Oprah most likely paid for it. I don’t care about it anymore will have to stay with Fox.

  21. I am one of the many who has stopped watching CBS This Morning since the change in anchors. I started watching the show when it first debuted as it presented news and was much more focused than the loud, screaming competitors of the other networks. The show has drastically changed. Gayle King is not a news woman. She should go back to doing a talk show. It is very sad to see how those in charge of the network have so dramatically altered the show.



  23. I have been a CBS This Morning fan forever. Then, Gayle King started to work her way into more and more time, until she was on for the whole 2 hours. The morning “news” was no longer the news, but it became the Gayle King Chat Show. She has no chemistry with anyone. I like Anthony and Tony, but they need a charismatic female to even out the news show. I have stopped watching CTM (?). Sorry CBS. Bad moves.

  24. Wow, never seen so many comments in a single post on TV Week. Way to go my right wing brothers and sisters for showing up! Sounds like King needs to go ASAP. If we can’t get CBS off the air at least we can pick apart its talent.

  25. If you read gayles bio you would see she has been a journalist for many years. I also used to think she was getting somewhere because she was Oprah’s friend. Not so, she is a good journalist in her own right.

  26. 😃Attention all people of color (Asians, Ameri. Indians, Hispanics & Blacks) let’s rally around Gail’s survival after all this is a country where White Priviledge prevails & if we want to save Gail who is a Damn Good Anchor let’s watch & support this show! Amen & Amen. 👍🏽

  27. When I read all of these so called objective comments which are really raced based its always what’s been wrong with America & it will be her undoing among all the other evil that The Bible’s Book Of Revelation reveals!

  28. All Minorities everyday please tune in & support Gail bc in the US’s World of White Privilege where there is no shame Gail will be fired & of course the two white dullards will stay so Hispancis, Asians, Ameri. Indians, Blacks , Island Pacifiers, Middle Eastern & sensible Whites that means you.

    When I read all of these so called objective comments which are really raced based its always what’s been wrong with America & it will be her undoing among all the other evil that The Bible’s Book Of Revelation reveals!

  29. Oprah 2.0 needs to go. She believes that everyone wants to hear her opinions. She talks over everybody and is one of the least watchable people on TV. Anthony Mason is wonderful! I certainly hope this doesn’t kill his career. Having to haul the freight for a fake journalist like Oprah 2.0 must be very unrewarding! The CTM tag is laughable. It’s a total rip off of GMA. It seems like CBS has shooting yourself in the foot refined to an art form! I’m certain that CBS stands for Can’t Be Serious!
    Get rid of the 11 million dollar albatross!!!

  30. Unlike many of the other commenters, I like Gayle King, but I do not like the new format of the show. CBS This Morning used to be the only morning show to provide news instead of entertainment. Now, the three anchors talk over each other and interject their opinions on the news. The new “nickname” they gave themselves (CTM) is like the nerdy kid giving himself a nickname and thinking he is now cool. Vlad Duthiers daily segment of “What to Watch” sounds like he’s going to tell us what TV shows or movies to watch, but it is actually him telling us small snippets of news. Aren’t we already watching? Should we watch some other channel to get more info about these stories he is telling us to watch? I now only watch the 90 second intro to all of the news stories and get all the information I need b/c watching the anchors mess up, lack the ability to clearly read the words on a TelePrompter (Looking at you, Tony Dokoupil), or talk over each other while “reacting” to the news isn’t entertaining or informative. CBS This Morning used to be an integral part of my morning routine, but no more. Hopefully, Nora will do a good job on the evening news and I’ll get my news in the evening instead of in the morning. I really want the old CBS This Morning format back. Gayle raved about Susan Zirinsky and what a genius she is…I’m thinking that was only because Susan Zirinsky gave her $11 million/year and made her the lead anchor b/c only an idiot would have revamped the show like this.

  31. I thought I was the only one to think Susan Zirinsky is a big disappointment. The change of format and poor choices of Gayle with Tony and Anthony result in no chemistry and little unbiased news. Gayle’s racist agenda and comments are inappropriate and offensive. I see a new slant toward people of color in her comments and CBS This Morning’s content. She lacks gravitas, as one post said.
    If Gayle were of any other group, e.g., Italians, and she constantly interjected comments promoting or praising that group, she would be fired. It is not her job to preach or teach, just report news, balanced and without innuendo. There are many qualified women journalists of color who are able to do this.
    My issue is with Susan Zirinsky. I expected more of this woman who broke this glass ceiling. I wish she had more respect for her intelligent, educated viewers…especially women. Following the Charlie Rose debacle and the me too movement, she chose Gayle, of all the brilliant women journalists? Why, one must ask. I know the answer.
    We want news, no cooking, shopping, irrelevant silly humor or bias toward one group of people. How about hard news, the art world, theater, opera?
    I always watched CBS This Morning, and respected and enjoyed Norah O’Donnell, John Dickerson, Bianca Golodryga, et al. As an older feminist, I had higher expectations of Ms. Zirinsky, and hope she is big enough stand up to Oprah’s friend, and admit this was a mistake.

  32. Gayle is a big mistake and has been since show began 5 years ago when she was entertainment reporter Nora is a nice lady but has no business on national news she is doomed to fail Sue Z will be watching TV from home this time next year!

  33. Wow listening to all these ignorant comments is why our country is so divided. For people who dont know Gayles background she started doing the news in Ct. Where she was great. That’s how she was able to make a name for herself.
    I wonder why Megan McCain is on the View! She’s horrible I cant wait until she disappears.

  34. I watched CBS This Morning every day until Charlie was axed. The emergence of Gayle as a centerpiece of the show has driven me away. Is it customary for every person of color who is a guest to be interviewed by Gayle? Are the Caucasian members of the cast incapable of such interviews? It seems that the minorities are a Gayle exclusive. Her biased interpretations make me think that the direction of the broadcast look like a platform for the promotion of minority opinions as opposed to unbiased news. “The Squad” interview appeared to show Gayle giving them a leg up before it began. She is a pompous and self-promoting celebrity not a reporter. She is not a benefit to your ratings……let her go. Maybe I’ll watch CBS again.

  35. I stopped warching CTM when Nora left. Gayle is pompous and constantly talks over everyone. She belongs on an entertainment show like “THE TALK” or “THE VIEW”.

  36. if galye king wasn’t wearing a wig she wouldn’t be on tv

  37. I loved cbs with Charlie Rose because it had the news without the fluff. Then he was gone. Gayle King was there. One day as I was watching a news story about some African American kid and an older white woman at a pool where the lady was filmed by the kid. The lady didn’t come off very nice and then Gayle King says on national TV “I don’t know what’s wrong with old white women”. Well I it wasn’t shown what the back story was and what happened before the kid started filming. Never mind that Gayle King should never have ever been allowed to have said something as racist as that on national TV without consequences. But she did. I don’t watch CBS news anymore.

  38. I concur with many of the comments re the new morning team. I have watched CBS this morning for several years because I too want news in the morning, not cooking, household tips and goofy anchor behavior. The new team lacks any chemistry at all, with Anthony and Tony fawning all over Gayle and laughing at every mot (bon or not) she utters. This is not a team, this is a queen and her court. Two men who are good journalists in their own right who are reduced to playing court jester.And the CTM nickname is idiotic. To me it sounds like a medical condition. It takes maybe two additional seconds to say CBS This Morning. Gayle is like a social butterfly with her constant sharing of which celebrity she has had dinner or spent the weekend with and her frequent references to O. She has difficulty reading the news from the TelePrompTer and God forbid she tries to convey a story with no script. I feel sorry for everyone concerned with this show. And I am also not impressed with the decision-making of Susan Zelinsky. The best chemistry on this show happened when Michele Miller and Jereeka Duncan were on with Anthony when Gayle was on vacation. That was a great team and an enjoyable show to watch.

    • Yes, replace Anthony with Michelle Miller. She is excellent, professional, affable, and a team player. As mentioned, two women I needed on this type of show in order to feel balanced. I disagree that Gayle needs to go, her perspective is valuable, but it does need to feel more like an ensemble, not the Gayle show.

  39. Wow. Loved all those comments. I emailed CBS before the big switch took place and told them their ratings were going to crash. Gayle King is terrible. Loud, obnoxious, and is always giving her opinion on everything. I don’t watch the news to hear reporters opinions. Just the facts. She can’t handle the facts. She needs to insert herself into every story. Now you folks have a real problem. 11 million dollar contract, and a loser for an anchor. By definition, she fits the word anchor to a tee. It is going downnnnnnnnnnnn! I did happen to catch a couple shows last week when a different lady was filling in. She seemed to be pretty good. I really don’t know who she is, but that is the point. The news should stand out, not the people delivering it.

  40. So obvious that Gayle king is prejudice. She is also very disrespectful to our president calling him mr. trump instead of president trump the title he won and deserves to be recognized by. She wouldn’t have this job had it not been for “girlfriend “ O. I will never understand why she was being paid more than Nora. Oops! Another friend O thing. Will not watch this show until Gayle is gone.

  41. I hope Gayle gets fired. She is racist and boring. The two guys have to agree with her because she is OW ‘s girlfriend. Not fair. She ruined the program.

  42. a bunch of mis fit ;political cons of today ;we report any thing that is fabricated ;we are the # 1 trump haters of yankee land usa ;why was alabama big time news should have happened ;if dorain would have hit fl it could have flew right over the swamp of fl ;any thing to add to your american hate ;i get tired of listing to journalist hate ;o me o my ill be voting for Donald Trump in 2020 ;so put more hate in your mesleading new today ;[I THINK ILL START HATING TODAY TO MAYBE I CAN JOIN THE DRUNKS

  43. I have watched CBS this morning since it began. To say it has gone from a News station to a clown show, and the biggest clown is Valdimar Duthiers who would laugh at a funeral. When you put him and Gayle King together you have Burns and Allen all over again. Whenever Valdimar is at the table he gets everybody at the table acting like fools. He should take his piano face delivery to a comedy shop he doesn’t belong on a News program.
    CBS lost touch with the reason for the show in the first place. So leave the bar room silly conversations behind and get back to the News please.
    There is far too much silly talk on the show now. Maybe CBS stands for,
    Can’t Be Serious.

  44. b/c of charlie & #metoo, cbs puts a woman in charge, ie., zerensky. she names gayle? to lead anchor spot? then ratings drop. DUH. then king is named something of the year by a magazine? name her for matching pen, dress, eyeglasses, and shoes maybe. she can do the celeb interview, she can cover the royals, but she can’t do substance like politics, healthcare, military ops, education, and especially diet and fitness. she’s not qualified for this level and to make her lead anchor is like palin vp-ing for mccain; a ploy. and now they’re committed to 5 more years at # 3 for $11 mil a year. true leadership at CBS. .

  45. Bring back Charlie Rose..nuff said..

  46. Vtuck@cox.net
    I enjoy CBS this morning, but I do find Gayle King annoying because she has to have the last word. She interrupts so much it makes me want to scream. It makes her seem less professional than Anthony and Tony. The guys are fantastic. Gayle is too relaxed. Being away from the studio is not helping her at all.

  47. Gale King comes across as being racist. This is not only my opinion but many other people have said the same. Can’t understand why CBS can’t see this also. Please get rid of her so we can enjoy getting an unbiased news report in the morning.

  48. Why is Gayle so angry at white people?..she is a racist BITCH, and she should try being a fair journalist, not just taking the same side of every bullshit narrative out there…its all total crap!! Especially the interview with Kenneth Walker, maybe she should report some of the police officers take…and look at all the facts, like why were they there in the 1st place? There was criminality taking place within Brionna’s world…no mention of that, huh? Gayle?? You’ll just leave important details out…because it doesnt matter…

  49. as long as Gayle king is on cbs this morning I will not watch. . She is racist. bring Nora back
    I guess fox and friends is the way to go

  50. I firmly believe that Gayle King is the most racist person I’ve ever watched. She is very sarcastic and constantly belittles any white person on their worth. I don’t care for Nora either, she feeds off of Gayle King and obviously speaks her opinion which is always in line with whatever Gayle King is promoting
    I don’t watch CBS morning show at all anymore. Or the nightly news. Scott Pelley was better than Nora

  51. Gayle king needs to go..freedom of speech is a right..but there isnt any news on the program anymore..sure a brief headline of a real event is presented and then Gayle talks about her opinion of the event…which is always negative and bigoted… it is not news. Americans cannot find anywhere a news program that just give the facts and let us form our own opinion. I don’t want to hear Gayles voice she is negative ruins my whole day.
    I agree start her own talk show. I won’t watch but i want facts..please the drama is not news
    Change the name take out news…something

  52. I watched CBS This Morning religiously for many, many years with Gayle, Nora, and whoever the other host happened to be at the time, but could no longer watch when Anthony Mason joined the team. For years, I chose this morning show over the others because it focused on the news and less on entertainment. I would still prefer this format, however, it is my feeling that with 3 hosts, rapport and camaraderie are needed, but with this team it doesn’t exist. It is at best contrived. It feels more like Anthony competing for time and recognition of individual prowess. It disgusted me so much that I could no longer watch. Also, I believe Anthony lacks the affability to ever be part of such a team. Please replace Anthony, so I can return to watching this show.

  53. I hate racism of any type. Gayle King is constantly throwing the “blackness” of a story in our faces. It is great that there are so many stories about all races on the show but if “white” were mentioned as often as “black,” there would be a great hue and cry. Please just report the news without assigning color to it.

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