Judi Dench Talks About Where to Draw the Line in the #MeToo Era

Jun 25, 2019  •  Post A Comment

“Veteran British star Judi Dench has said that the work produced by Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey should be separated from the offenses they are alleged to have committed,” reports Variety.

The story continues, “Both Weinstein and Spacey face charges of sexual assault in the U.S., which they deny, and have been investigated in other jurisdictions as well, including Britain.”

Dench adds, of Spacey, “Are we going to negate 10 years at the Old Vic and everything that he did, how wonderful he’s been in all those films? Are we just not going to see all those films that Harvey produced? You cannot deny somebody a talent. You might as well never look at a Caravaggio painting. You might as well never have gone to see Noel Coward.”

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  1. Very good point. There is no reason not to watch the programs and movies. Spacey, Weinstein and the rest should be put in prison, like Cosby; But the movies and programs and all the people who were in those shows should not have their work banned because of the actions of these sickos.

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