Why ‘The Office’ Is Leaving Netflix

Jun 25, 2019  •  Post A Comment

The NBC comedy series “The Office” will be leaving Netflix, with all nine seasons headed to NBCUniversal’s forthcoming direct-to-consumer platform, The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed reports. The move is set for the end of 2020.

“NBCU’s streaming platform will retain exclusive domestic streaming rights to ‘The Office’ for five years, paying $100 million per year to stream the series and outbidding Netflix for the rights,” THR reports.

The report adds: “Producers Universal Television held the auction, which sources describe as ‘arms length’ in process. That means that Universal Television and potential bidders, like sibling company NBCU streaming and Netflix — were kept far apart in a bid to ensure a fair auction and that profit participants got the best deal for the series.”

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  1. You have to wonder how many streaming services people will subscribe. Cable forces all these various networks on people. If you have the chance to control your own spending, the point of cutting the cord is to stop paying for networks you rarely watch. There are only so many hours in the day. The Office is fun to watch because it is on a streaming service I am already paying for. Will I buy NBC’s service only because of the Office? No. How well has CBS done with Star Trek? If I watch everything on HBO, Disney, Netflix Amazon and Hulu/Disney that is already @ $75.00/month. And that will take me 10 years. If there is really something I want to watch on any other service, I can subscribe for a month and then cancel. These other networks would do better creating great content and auctioning it to the highest bidder.

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