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Huh? How Disneyland — Which Boasts a New ‘Star Wars’ Attraction — Has Become a ‘Ghost Town’ This Week

Jul 16, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Disneyland, which is usually jammed with tourists during the summer, is being described as a “ghost town” lately, even after completing the high-profile $1 billion expansion that includes the theme park’s new “Star Wars”-themed Galaxy’s Edge land.

The New York Post reports that the park implemented crowd-abatement measures in anticipation of the hordes of visitors who would come to see its 14-acre immersive expansion — the largest in Disneyland history. But those measures may be working too well.

“To ensure that the park wouldn’t be mobbed with ‘Star Wars’ fans, Disneyland wisely put some crowd-control measures in place; Galaxy’s Edge was only accessible to those with reservations until June 23,” The Post reports, adding: “This week, long after the reservation embargo, the park is empty. Well, empty for Disneyland.”

The report adds: “If you visit Disneyland right this minute, you’ll find a scene out of your theme park dreams: Pulling up to your favorite ride and hopping right on with little to no wait. It’s even being called a ‘ghost town’ by some visitors.”

The Orange County Register cites a number of other reasons for the scarcity of Disneyland visitors, including that the park has blocked out its annual passholders for much of the summer to ease the anticipated Galaxy’s Edge-related crowding. Also, nearby Disney California Adventure has recently opened some new attractions.

“Lastly, there’s the fact that Disney has actually been working on how to cope with the increased capacity, with its Project Stardust examining infrastructure to see how traffic flow and access can be improved,” The Post adds. “So far the results have included getting rid of bottlenecks at lines, widening paths and moving obstruction-risk objects like planters and food carts.”

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  1. Even at purported “slow” times, I would never describe DL as a ghost town at any of numerous times family and I have been there the past few several decades. Food carts and planters have never been an issue with getting around. It’s the shear number of people. Particularly the large number of inconsiderate oafs (of, typically, large families/groups) who stop dead in the middle of crowded walkways to converse, instead of moving off to the sides and out of the way. Also, there are too many strollers. There’s really nothing for infants or toddlers at DL… except DL-branded merch in gift shops. Any child tall and healthy enough to ride the attractions should not require a stroller. I’ve never be able to keep track of the number of people I’ve seen pushing a stroller with an 8, or older, sleeping child… and it’s only the middle of the day. Do today’s typical kids not have any stamina? And before someone decides to climb on the proverbial high horse, I am not talking about a child with special needs. I am talking about foolish and inconsiderate parents who delude themselves into thinking their 5 to 6 year old will remember, let alone, appreciate DL.

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