Late-Night Host Has Really Had It With Trump

Jul 16, 2019  •  Post A Comment

One of the broadcast networks’ late-night hosts received a strong reaction for his comments on Donald Trump this week amid a furor over recent Trump comments that some observers have criticized as racist. Stephen Colbert took the plunge into the controversy on CBS’s “The Late Show.”

Colbert received a standing ovation from his audience following some of his harshest criticism of Trump. Here’s the clip, posted today by CBS …


  1. Thank you Stephen Colbert for your truthful explanation of the squatter in the racist/white house!

    Especially when you told him to go to hell!

    I love the Stephen Colbert show!

    Nadia Compagnon
    Perth, Western Australia

  2. I guess if he’s had with trump he can tell jokes about something else. But he would never do that.

  3. I have had it with Cobert ever since he took his present job.
    Stopped watching all of late night, because not one of them could compete with Carson, nor Lettermen.
    Just a total blah…

  4. Stephen Colbert is a moron.
    I will not watch his biased show against our President. Trump is not a racist, he is trying to save our Country from a bunch of dangerous socialist idiots who hate America. If someone disagrees with a Liberal than they are a racist. It is sad that a lot of Americans have forgotten 9/11.
    We need to protect our borders and if you hate this Country than you should leave.

  5. Late Night Loser had really had it with Trump

  6. Trump is a devoted racist, if anyone can’t see through him is as awful as he is!
    Come on people, step into the light!!

  7. I watch the show every night M-F. I can imagine that Stephen gets under Dumpy Don’s skin. Stephen is right on when he makes fun of Trump. Trump is an azz who will live in hell in the future.

  8. Love Colbert, wouldn’t miss the shoe. He is right on point in his dislike of dRump

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