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Blowup With Producers Cited After Fox 5 Anchor Quits Show

Aug 16, 2019  •  Post A Comment

After a morning anchor on Fox 5 in New York suddenly quit the show last week, The New York Post’s Page Six reports that she was involved in a “blowup” with the show’s producers.

Former “Good Day Wake Up” anchor Sukanya Krishnan reportedly posted online that quitting the show was “something I needed to do for myself and my family.”

“But Page Six spies tell us that they witnessed a blowup between her and the producers on the morning that she walked out,” the publication reports. “And now we’ve learned that Krishnan’s contract was being renegotiated at the time of the alleged dispute.”

The report quotes a source saying that last Thursday, the morning Krishnan left the show, “There were words exchanged [on the set], and then she had a meeting with management.”

“We’re told that after returning to set from the meeting, she started telling people it would be her last day,” The Post reports, quoting a source saying: “There was no goodbye, no mention on the show. Everybody was shocked.”

Krishnan, who filled in on “Good Day New York” after “Wake Up” wrapped, had a different take on the incident, telling The Post: “There was no blowup — it was all amicable.”

Sukanya Krishnan (Fox 5 NY)


  1. I honestly will miss her. Im sure she will be ok and hopefully she will come back on another network. Sending her lots of love and blessings.

    • She was let go at Pix11 and actually fired a week before her last day because she was asked to promote her replacement on her personal Facebook page and refuse so she was fired on the spot. Her ridiculous co anchor at the time, Scott Stanford was told if he mentions as much as her name on the air he will be fired too. I can’t see how anyone will miss her as she was a totally untalented nobody. While at Pix11 believe over 8 co anchors came and went. Tiffany McElroy, Frances Rivera, Marysol Castro and others all let go and all excuses why they left network falsely stating they didn’t fit in. Jill Niccolini couldn’t work with her and Linda Church ” retired ” as she couldn’t stand her as well. Does anyone see a pattern here ? So many leave a show and one common denominator is Sukanya. On Pix11 she always said stupid things and thought they were funny. Each time she did it she looked up to make sure the camera was on her. This is all true. OK on to Channel 5. How in the world does anyone hire someone fired off a show for refusing to adhere to management ? She was horrible of course on Channel 5. Not a secret she was jealous that a much more talented Lahmers was basically promoted and given a job in Los Angeles. . Sukanya the baby made it known she was not happy someone much younger was promoted. So much so she had a hissy fit, left the show when she was really let go and stole the limelight from Lahmers as she walked out and bottom line refused to celebrate with Jennifer and stay for Jennifers last day. Baby Diva was jealous. All BS there was no blowup bottom line you are under contract you don’t quit a show. You do, however get fired from a show. Everyone at Pix11 was happy to see Diva go now everyone at Channel 5 is just as happy. I’m shocked Channel 5 let Jennifer say goodbye and thank Sukanya on her last day. Even so more surprised Lahmers would say thank you to someone who stole the limelight from her. And people miss her and hope she lands somewhere lol. Local Cable News Spectrum wouldn’t even hire her.

      • Hi Rosanna! Lol



      • If PIX hated her as much as you claim, why in the world would they continue to renew her contract over and over again for 18 yrs?? That makes no sense. While toward the end she had some issues with one of her colleagues, she was clearly a fan favorite and was actually credited for bringing in the big numbers that the station got over the last 10 or so years. As for being jealous of Jenn, more nonsense… they became great friends and Suki was happy Jenn took a position with Fox’s Extra show! That show is based in LA, somewhere Suki had no interest in relocating to because of her family.

        • Renewed her contract because she was always good friends with the News producer. FACT. All these people came and went and all were not good ? Geesh Big numbers for years at Pix11 you mean the Bon Bon eating people ? She was never about news she treated everything as a slapstick comedy and did she ever say anything serious, NO.

        • WPIX didn’t like her neither did her coworkers but she was popular with middle aged women, mostly the overweight ones who could relate to her.

          • U SOUND STUPID!




      • What a inaccurate douchebag statement from a motherless child. Suki has more talent in her pinky than your broken family

        • This IS the real Scott Stanford and I never posted the above comment!!

      • You should include #OPINION on your post!!! and Jen DID NOT GET PROMOTED – She took a job with EXTRA and Suki had no lofty desires to leave her family to do Gossip TV!! FOX 5 has LOST many viewers…..SUKI WAS INDEED LOVED and a near Veteran in comparison to the others!


      • To Mm… You really need to seek God and His peace. Lonely, silly individual you are.. unless you were the producer.. you simply sound jealous and bitter.
        If you have never been fired; you probably never worked. Leave people like Sukanya alone that invested in an education and have a career/ profession.. she is employable!

  2. Fox 5 sucks.

  3. Who????

  4. Finally Fox has gotten rid of this overrated cackling liberal know it all. I never understood why the networks thought she was so worthy of the jobs she’s had. Good Day Wake Up? Good riddance!

    • Exactly

    • Another whiny fascist threatened by a dark skinned woman making more money in a day than he does in a week. Yes, I will take fries with that

  5. She is one of the best news anchors maybe the best right now. It’s a pleasure watching her everyday. She’s intellectual, smart and informed, she is not a push-over. She will do well wherever she goes

  6. Ket, how long you been on the pipe ? What I wrote a few days ago . Best news anchors where in her own house ?As far as her being smart I’m going to refresh your memory. Several years back she came in on a weekend on PIX11 to cover a Nor’easter. Viewers were sending in pictures of storm damage in their areas. One picture she showed and she stated ” This was taken by a viewer in Prince Bay ” She immediately said ” I have no idea where that is ! ” Bozo Sukanya was raised on Staten Island and went to grade and HS in Staten Island. I live in Staten Island and it’s not huge and anyone I’ve ever known that grew up and/or lived for a long time in Staten Island knows every town as there are not many but yet Bozo Krishnan had no clue. She’s not smart, she’s nowhere near intellectual and nobody is going to hire her .Oh course she’s not a push over unless you have a cherry picker. To add to what I stated the other day on top of all the anchors and reporters who came and went while working with her ( it’s no coincidence they all left ) you also had Craig Treadway and Tamsen who were moved to anchors at better times of the day and night, guess why ? PIX11 knew they were more talented and moved them into better slots not considering Krishnan because she was only needed for the Bon Bon eating housewives in the morning . Look at the show while she was on Ch. 11 and up to today. Untalented people anchors to reporters and every show is like a slapstick show and not a news show. Jill Niccolini is good but the writing is on the wall for her too. She;s taking the Lisa Matteo route out the door Marissa Torres for some reason is well liked doing weather as well as traffic in the first part of the morning and other reports as well. She wears glasses for show at random and is not talented. Kirstin Cole is very good and at times was used as a fill in anchor but less and less now. Kala Rama is useless and so is her husband who appears to have his eyebrows waxed and threaded like a woman. Katy Corrado is a joke and more of a joke is Dan Mattarino and Betty Nguyen who took up all of Krishnan’s habits in treating a local news show as a comedy. Krisnan is supposed to be an anchor on local news. You don’t see that in NYC on Channels 2,4 and 7. You always saw it on 11 and 5 with her. Good Riddance and once again she stole Jennifer Lahmers departure from her and made it about her. That is not professional, intellectual , smart and nice to do. She shot her load at 11 and 5 and already failed years ago on Channel 2. She has nowhere to go. Her own doing.

    • It is rare that anyone fully agrees with everything someone writes, but your observations and comments are 100% on the money!!

    • Why are you such a hater – this is what’s wrong with the world today. Go out do something proactive stop hiding ( hating ) behind your keyboard.

    • ONLY BOZO’s take time from their lives to wright a full page hate message!!! BOZO!

  7. When my boyfriend mentioned this morning, “What happened to Sukanya Krishnan?” I was shocked to find out through a google search she is now gone from Fox 5! I really enjoyed seeing her in the early morning and I hope she finds a better place on TV.

  8. I will miss her in the morning. I hope she goes on to bigger and better things. Good luck to you!

  9. I will miss that smiling face early in the morning.great spirit.

  10. I guess I will have to watch NBC news in the morning, do not really like the new morning crew at Fox

  11. I really don’t care I never like her sorry is my opinion

  12. I had the opportunity to see that Beautiful Smile and the warm “Good Morning” as I came to work some mornings as I work in The Daily News Building (The Daily Planet) which houses PIX11. I was so sad when they let her go. Not a fan of FOX5, but I watched to see that Smile before walking out the door.
    All the best to you and your Love ones☺️

  13. Glad she’s gone. She was extremely irritating

  14. Sukanya was a great anchor. I looked forward to watching her every morning. Besides watching Mike doing the weather, she was the only reason I watched fox5.

  15. I totally will miss her I followed her on whatever news channel she was on she is a real person speaks from the heart yes she has an attitude most woman from ny are she is not a stick figure she’s a mom a wife and the very best anchor I will love to see her land a better morning show there is no one to watch now channel 11 went down hill after she left now fox will plunge as well

  16. I agree she was the only reason I switched to fox 5 I can’t watch pix 11 to painful to phony now I’m searching for a good morning show

  17. Her statement when she said about Indian people ” dot heads are dot heads”

  18. She was a ticking time bomb that had to go off sooner or later. Her off the cuff remarks were always bizarre & sometimes frightening. She was always one half step away from an on air meltdown. She was very unprofessional but that’s no surprise since the way she got her start was by her best friend producer who axed the wonderful Lynn White to put her wheezing amateur act on.

    • Finally!, someone that sees what i know to be true, Sukanya got her way at Pix and the original Anchor Lynn White was fired, so she can steal that spot from her, Sukanya was a part time field reporter, she lasted 18 years at Pix cause she was best friends with the newscast producer, she was very sneaky and had better anchors than her fired, Marisol Castro, Tiffany Mcelroy, Frances Rivera just to name a few. I stopped watching the newscast when Frances Rivera left. Sukanya is responsible for that to happen. I am now watching the Pix Morning News again, and personally, its so much better since she has been of it. It makes me wonder if John Mueller who anchored with Lynne White left because of Sukanya. he is back working the 5 pm newscast with Tamsen, they work really well together.

  19. Wow some of the comments are so rude. I Personally enjoy her on Fox and is sad to see she left. I wish only the best for her.

  20. I enjoyed both suki and jen I wish them both well
    they were fun to watch first thing in the AM……..
    I wish them both the best of luck, whatever their future holds

  21. Great Anchor surely will be missed was a natural down to earth people person her and Jennifer where the Dynamic duo I feel they let her go and replaced her with someone more to their liking someone more American in my opinion well fox 5 use to be the one to watch in the morning at my job we will be looking for Su’s new Channel fix is past tense to Bias for me… Her replacement says it all.

  22. You think a news anchor with a contract just walks in and quits and for no reason management says ” ok ” ? She was fired same as she was on Channel 11. Channel 11 was letting her go and letting her take the high road and not label her as ” let go ” UNTIL she refused to promote her replacement in a positive way on her Facebook account, FACT. When she refused she was fired immediately a week before she was due to leave quietly. Look it up.. When she was told to leave the building immediately all the news crew were ordered not to mention her name. Idiot Scott was told the same and ordered not to say goodbye to her on the air or he would be fired. Lisa Matteo left Pix and was let go but allowed to say her time has come and shes moving on. Any network is like that talk bad about them and you’re blackballed. It’s what they do in that business. If Sea Cow wasn’t friends with the news producer all those years at Pix11 she wouldn’t even been there sharpening pencils. OK Krishnan lovers who in the world in going to hire her now ? She had her time years ago on Channel 2 so 4 & 7 will not hire her unless they need a food critic she would like that.

  23. I like Sukiyaki she’s a real New Yorker ! She knows the correct names of bridges and I stoped watching 11 and now I won’t watch 5 . And she’s happy and fun

  24. MM is on the money with everything written…I have thought the exact same thing about every personality he mentions with just no outlet to express my thoughts.

  25. Sukanya, who said you were a news reporter, your a horrible person, you have no respect for anyone, i honestly she wasn’t going to last long on Fox 5, she was a horrible person for the Pix Morning News, her all about me attitude was just too much for me to bare. I have so much more to say but this is it for now. I don’t like anyone losing their jobs, but in this case, she deserved it, and please dont try to cover up and say that you quit Sukanya, you were FIRED!.

  26. I was wondering what happened to Sukanya this is all about money I wish you all the best she knows her worth good luck to you Sukanya… I love Rosanna Mike Enid too many new faces I watch now channel 2

  27. Did anyone notice that she called an Indian woman a DOT? A day or 2 before she quit, she & Jen we’re promoting an Indian woman, Suki called her a DOT then said “it’s ok it’s o e DOT to another”!!! Then boom she’s gone?! I feel strongly that had something to do with it!

  28. Correction “One DOT to another”

  29. These comments are amazing! At the end of the day Suki is a no nonsense New yorker!! She pulled no punches..she was vibrant, fun, informative, opinionated, animated and had PERSONALITY!! She was not just another “talking suit”!! If you want straight hardcore news reporting then watch CNN!! I wanna start my day with a smile and some great energy! WPIX IS DRY AS A BONE SINCE SHE LEFT!! They cant buy ratings! Fox is gonna fall too! Suki n Jen was the “fresh air” they needed. I dont watch anymore til Roz n Lori. The new Early wake up team Sucks! Baruch Shemtov is sorely missed! This new “entertainment” reporter is NOT ENTERTAINING AT ALL. He is SO STIFF ie: “talking suit”! If it werent for the banter between Mike, Rosie n Lori…they would be lose a lot more viewers. We Love You Suki!! God Bless you and your fans will welcome you back with open arms WHEREVER you turn up!!

  30. I heard she was eating too many hotdogs on set and got caught

  31. She is a Mother !!! She is a very loving and funny person ! People are so cruel!!

  32. I have watched Suki for years on channel 11 and once I saw she was gone I immediately stopped watched. I felt lucky to finally see her on channel 5. Now she is gone again. I hope another network , that appreciates her wonderful laugh and sense of humor. If she happens to see this, know that many love and appreciation you and your personality . Find the fit for you ( maybe channel 4 ). That news has wonderful, vibrant and uplifting personalities like yours. Good Luck

  33. She was the Best. I loved watching the news because of her.

  34. Suki will be just fine… she always lands on her feet…..remember her husband is a fdny captain. Don’t be surprised if you see her on the real house wife.😀😀

  35. LMAO. Someone seems really jealous of Suki. Writing a whole novel to show your discontent with Suki, is the reason we all love her. She’s real and down to earth. More importantly, we all have a little “DIVA” in us.

  36. Bring Back Greg Kelly!!!!!

  37. I missed her, but she is great changes is good. God bless her with happiness and sucess.
    Good luck
    Maharanee bacheu

  38. It’s boring now I love Mike 😋

  39. To most of the negative Nancy’s. Sumo was a kind New Yorker with children of her own. For those who like to slander kind people names. Please remember Karma. The woman came to work everyday and did her job like regular people. She was a great inspiration and she loved Jen. I am so happy to see her on extra. Sumo I am praying for you and wishing you the best. Stay home with the kids and
    Enjoy life before going back to the hustle and bustle of work life.

  40. It’s time for the long suffering, hard working, easy on the eyes street reporter Kerry Drew who more than paid her dues, to be placed in the anchor chair.

  41. Suki was a joy to watch first thing in the morning. Haven’t seen her and wondered what happened.
    Read some of the mean & cruel comments and can’t believe how insensitive we can be to a hard working family woman who shares her good vibes with us so early in the day. Always smiling, always positive. What more do people want? If you want more with the news, then it’s because YOU are miserable.
    I missed her at WPIX and was happy to find her at channel 5, wish her all the best and hope she returns to another station soon. Great energy…..

  42. I heard it live, a day or 2 before she left she called an upcoming guest or celeb a “Dot head” or Dot. A supposedly racial slur against Indian ethnicity. She quickly white laughing corrected or condoned it by saying “its ok, its one dot to another.” It was a quick exchange but exactly the same time she left. I wonder if that had a little bit to do with it. Or just a coincidence.

  43. I sincerely hope that forked tongue Mm can learn to love people instead of spewing so much nasty hate.
    Shame on you !
    I feel sorry for you and hope you try to see that perfection only happens in a fantasy world.

    • Lea don’t mention fork with Suki. She always has a fork ready for the buffet table. Sorry Lea the truth hurts. She’s that good that 8 Pix11 anchors came and went because according to Pix 11 ” they didn’t fit in ” ? She’s Suki the Sea Cow and stole the limelight from Jen Lahmers leaving Fox and made it all about her as she always has. Lea, you must enjoy bon bons and buffet tables as much as nobody Krishnan.

  44. She was as phony as the day is long and one of the most obnoxious people on local news! She was always about herself, rarely if ever acknowledged co workers contributions and never thanked them on her lead in by name as if people doing traffic and or the weather were below her! Phony,phony and phony!!! Good riddance!!!!!

  45. I like Kory Chambers! 😊😊😊.

  46. Everyone knows she used the producers private bathroom and clogged it. She had too many hot dogs

  47. Your right! Dont tell her husband about the variety of hot dogs she eats

  48. She was fired on the spot during a show. She likes those Coney island footlong dogs.

  49. It doesn’t make me smile any longer since Suki left. I changed my early morning news channel. Her sense of humor was quick witted and very funny. I’m happy to say I “knew” her!

  50. I heard she was so jealous of Jennifer’s new job that she started eating everyone’s hotdog. She should of kept her mouth clean and viewed the changes as an opportunity. I mean she certainly has wright to throw around but the wrong kind.

  51. After all this time, is Sukanya working anywhere in the news?

    • nope, she is doing “dating and love” shows on TLC. When you quit who will hire you ??

  52. Someone’s mad about Bon Bons and hotdogs,😊 the hate you put out return’s to you or the ones you love full force, all the hateful comments for what, like her or not she still making money, while you being the best you could be find time in your perfect non hotdog Bon Bon eating life to write a book about her Life 🤔

  53. Die she still let the producers dump on her. I know she enjoys eating all flavors. Esp chocolate

  54. I heard she is toxic and can’t get hired anywhere. I suppose she gave everyone something after eating there hot dog

  55. sry she left saw her in person about 20 years ago she was in Mcfadden’s on second Ave. She was friendly and beautiful even more in person. She has baby deer eyes very cute

  56. She did well in the hot dog eating contest. However, she didn’t eat the buns.

  57. I had never heard any of the stories about her leaving 11 or 5. I did not watch her on 11 but was not a fan when she was on 5. She did seem a bit “too phoney” I only watch about an hour of morning news, and prefer 5 as I have watched that most of the time. I want local news not what is going on in Iowa farms (NBC). I just did not think Suki ever fit in on 5. She was overwhelming. I know you just don’t quit when under contract, se must have been fired.

  58. Pix 11 is always firing people for one reason or another. It’s time to look at management!!!

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