Ellen DeGeneres Says Her Instagram Account Was Hacked Last Night ‘Despite My Clever Password ‘Password.’ What Her Followers Saw in the Hacked Account

Aug 23, 2019  •  Post A Comment

“At least some of the followers of Ellen DeGeneres’ Intagram account might have thought they hit pay dirt last night when the talk show host’s account was hacked and briefly offered a treasure trove of giveaway items,” reports Deadline.

Those items included, according to Deadline, “2,000 iPhone’s, 1,000 Mac Books, 900 Apple Watches, and 30 Tesla cars, in addition to Play Station and Xbox gift cards.”

Said DeGeneres herself in an Instagram post this morning:



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  1. I’m sorry Allen my name is Sharon Conn and I was saying how nice it was you giving cars away and all that other stuff… Then another guy came on when to be friends with me and they look just like Tyler Perry that he didn’t have the twinkle in his eye and he was trying to sell something we try to follow me and I had to block him and I told him he was not Tyler Perry he would never do this neither with Madea how late God bless Why Can’t This World just get along the karma is a b**** you don’t still cheat lie amen

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