TV Docudrama Reveals a Town’s Descent Into Madness

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A television production premiering in a little more than a week promises to reveal the truth behind a “dark legacy in America’s history” as it examines what the producers call the country’s “most infamous witch hunt.”

The docudrama, “Witches of Salem,” premieres Sunday, Oct. 6, on Travel Channel. The cable channel says the four-part special, which is Travel Channel’s first docudrama, “reveals a town’s descent into madness.”

“Based upon original transcripts from witnesses at the Salem Witch Trials and layered with expert interviews from historians and authors, ‘Witches of Salem’ unravels the true story of palpable evil that the residents of this otherwise sleepy Massachusetts village endured in 1692,” Travel Channel says. “From reports of possession by the devil, to mass arrests, sensational trials and public hangings, each hour-long episode is an in-depth account of the eight months of fear, panic and horror that overtook Salem, revealing the truth behind this dark legacy in America’s history.”

The announcement notes that the telecast arrives “at a time when ‘witch hunt’ has burst back into our national vocabulary,” adding that “the series reveals how extreme beliefs can completely change how communities collectively think and, in this case, fatally act.”

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  1. They missed the mark on this one. it should have been about Washington D.C. and the ongoing “Witch Hunt” of President Trump. Look we’ve seen the Salem Witch Trial thing played out about a thousand times. The D.C. feature would have been a winner. Just sayin’

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