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ABC Cancels Drama Series

Oct 1, 2019  •  Post A Comment

ABC pulled the plug on a drama series that, as it turns out, aired its final episode just a few weeks ago. Variety reports that the network canceled the Demian Bichir-Roselyn Sanchez series “Grand Hotel.”

Based on the Spanish series “Gran Hotel,” the show premiered for its first and only season on June 17, wrapping its 13-episode run on Sept. 9. Variety notes that the series “provided an upstairs/downstairs look at the scandals and secrets of both the Mendoza family and the staff that works for them.”

The series was developed and written by Brian Tanen, who executive produced along with Eva Longoria and Ben Spector through UnbeliEVAble, and Ramon Campos and Teresa Fernandez-Valdes for ABC Studios.

“It averaged a modest 0.50 rating in the key 18-49 demographic and around 2.7 million total viewers across its single season,” Variety notes. “The show struggled to make an impact alongside ABC’s summer roster stacked with unscripted content, coming in below competition series like ‘Holey Moley,’ ‘Card Sharks’ and ‘To Tell The Truth.’”



  2. Very sad to see it cancelled I enjoyed it very much…..Bring It Back

  3. As the old folks used to say, Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish.

  4. Bring it back loved this show

  5. Loved this show

  6. Of course ABC cancelled it. They always cancel the good shows and keep the trash like Grays Anatomy, also some of us get so tired of game shows all summer.

    • Remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Based on the ratings, more people watched Grey’s than GH. If it was that good, more people would have watched it. I didn’t even like the preview, so why watch the show. BTW, I stopped watching Grey’s after three years, and yet it’s still on.

    • Just shut up. Grand hotel is trash. And you know it. I love G.A and it’s way better then the trash that u were watching

      • How old are you?

    • Really????? This was a GREAT show!! Please think this over and bring it back.

  7. I really enjoyed the show, was looking for another season!!! “How to get away with murder” the worst ever, that they kept on, go figure?!?

  8. I enjoyed watching Grand Hotel & couldn’t wait for next season. ABC did the same thing with Whiskey Cavalier which I also enjoyed. Not cool ABC!

  9. I LOVEd Grand Hotel.. So done with ABC.. You get invested and they pull the plug without really giving the show a chance or try a different day…. hope NETFLIX picks it up.. AWESOME show!!!

  10. Really?
    Great show!

  11. I loved that show, now fans have a lot of unanswered questions

  12. I lobed the showand watched every episode. Bring it back.

  13. That was such a great show! Of course it’s cancelled! That’s why I almost hate to watch a new show just to have it cancelled! They should have to bring every cancelled show back and give them a decent ENDING!!!!

  14. ABC does the same everytime cancel fFRESH stuff and keep garbage… They chose the most boring guy for the Bachelor and now this …wonder why Netflix is kicking all their butts That is where I will be!!!

  15. But stupid stuff like The Bachelor and Dancing With the Hasbeens is still on. That people still watch that junk is amazing.

  16. Very disappointing it was canceled. I really enjoyed that show, Best entertainment on ABC.

  17. This show was awesome ..bad choice to cancel

  18. Bring show back on. ABC always cancels shows give it a chance. We have unanswered questions. Love grand hotel. I hope Netflix picks it up

  19. No!!!need another network to pick it up!!!great show! Was looking forward to season 2! The finale was awesome! Bring it BACK…please

  20. really, how can you cancel the show with a cliffhanger. Its not fair to the fans. Was looking forward to season 2.

  21. Wow. Good show. Better than most of the summer crap ABC puts on the air

  22. This was an interesting show that was fun to warch. Great to see some new and different actors, with a few more well known actors mixed in. Too bad they are not fiving giving the show a chance, especially when they are using 18-49 and comparing to the unscripted wacky “shows”. To bad, and yes, Whiskey Cavalier was fun also.

  23. No! I liked the show. Thought it was well written and really enjoyed the storylines and how ultimately everyone was connected.

  24. Great show..bring it back or I won’t be watching ABC

  25. Why cancelled this was a great show. Awesome actors plus good drama. To be cancelled is a disappoint. Out there on ABC is nothing worth watching. I know a lot of peep who were loyal to watching the Grand Hotel. So so SAD 👎😢😣

  26. Loved the show. I am going to quit watching ABC summer shows as they always cancel them.

  27. I loved the show… I’m with the others, ABC cancels all the good shows and keeps the stupid reality shows uuuggghhh!!

  28. NO!!!! My family loves this show!! Hoping another network pick this up!! We could not wait for a new episode each week. Please don’t cancel.

  29. Cannot believe they cancelled Gran Hotel. It is one of the best dramas on TV. I told all my friends to watch it and now some crappy show will take its place. ABC should reconsider their decision.

  30. Disappointing!!! I really hope they don’t yank The Rookie next!!!!! Tired of ABC doing this, you get invested in a show and they cancel it.

  31. Loved the show! I am tired of investing my time into a show and then never seeing what happens after they show the cliffhanger! Thanks for nothing ABC.

  32. What!! GH great show. Never watched GA. Who censors the censors? Have a treasure trove of games in my basement. Don’t watch game shows. Get rid of Emergence. What a crock.

  33. I loved that show and hated how it ended! Come on someone pick it up!

  34. I enjoyed the show. It was a perfect summer guilty pleasure show! I hate reality shows and the game show remakes are just so-so. And the networks keep wondering why people are watching more Netflix and Hulu.

  35. Wow this was a different show that had a great cast. Nowadays you can’t get excited about a new program because they always pull the plug.
    Very disappointed

  36. That show was garbage! Watch the original with subtitles on Netflix, it was seriously so good!

  37. I thought it was just a summer series and worked well as such. ABC is notorious for these high concept shows they stretch out or just don’t end. This show had a begging, a middle and an END. It was good.

  38. Very disappointed ABC. This was a great series compared to most stupid shows, such as Holey Moley. Now there’s a waste of air time!

  39. I really enjoyed the show. I was looking forward to it coming back. I hope Netflix picks it up.

  40. I loved that show too! The good ones always seem to get cancelled. Really good actors too!

  41. Sad to see this show gone! ABC needs to give it a chance!!

  42. I loved that show, it was a great night time soap opera type of show. Loved the characters!! Great summer show, 100 times better then those stupid game shows. Bring it back next summer!!!

  43. I can’t believe ABC cancelled this show!! They basically left us wanting more. Then to just pull the rug from under us….. How is that any better for ratings!! I’ve watched plenty of shows that didn’t initially catch my attention but then I started to watch into the 2nd season and got hooked. You cancelled it way too soon!!! Bring it back!!!!

  44. ABC this is a big mistake canceling the show. This is one of the best shows that you had on lately or that was worth watching. You’re canceling the wrong shows and keeping on the ones that are boring! First you take off my favorite soap opera All My Children and now this. Please bring back Grand Hotel

  45. Enjoyed this show. ABC missing the preference of the people. They only count live viewings. Not DVR viewings. So sick of the idiotic Batchelor series, Shark Tank and game shows twice a week for an entire night. They cancelled “For The People” too, and that was a good show. Now they’ve stuck “The Rookie” on Sunday night. That’s equivalent to a hit squad. They obviously want it to fail.

  46. Well hell didnt evan know it was on lol was busy waiting for the rookie and station 19

  47. I love this show why are you doing this

  48. Need to cancel The View.

  49. That was a great show!!

  50. Wtf!!! ABC has been pissing me off lately. Maybe Grand Hotel can been a Hulu or Netflix exclusive. I like the show and I would compare it the original Spanish version.

  51. I loved that show 😭😭😭 I was anxious to find out who killed Santiago?!? It was entertaining!

  52. I lived the show, a lot of story lines aren’t solved, bring it back

  53. I loved the show. It was like a Dynasty Telenovela. I was looking forward to the next season to see who shot Santiago. Loved the story line and characters. Put it in Netflix. Don’t give up..

    • The black guy who had a heartattack did.

  54. That was a great show..please bring it back. It had every component a drama series needs..

  55. I loved it too. Left enough of a cliffhanger to want more. I think you are wrong to cancel it this soon.

  56. So sad this show was cancelled. We need a good drama that isn’t based in law enforcement. This show had the potential to be the modern day “Dallas”. Thanks for nothing ABC.

  57. I refused to watch it cause I refuse to watch anything Spanish related but then since most of the shows ABC offers stink. Im not a fan of game shows, batchelor or singing contests. One day I relented and watched the show and actually enjoyed it even though I dont like the female lead or Eva Longoria. ABC has really gone down the tubes these past few years with what they offer. Maybe they should advertise themselves as Always Boring Casts.

  58. So disappointed this show was cancelled. Hope another station will pick it up.

  59. I love this show it had so many twists and turns. Why would you cancel something so refreshing. Take off The Bachelor blackish, mixdish, Modern Family it’s out run its course, and fresh off the boat.

  60. Loved this show…. Bad choice ABC, there is no way some of the shows listed did better. Hopefully someone else will pick it up, it was very entertaining!!

  61. So disappointed is a great show!!

  62. Why is it that abc cancels all the good show and kept stupid game like holey moly dumb

  63. ABC seems to struggle with shows. My wife and I liked Grand Hotel and Whiskey Cavalier. Maybe they should stick to the mini series format. They can given every show a good story that will actually end and not leave everyone hanging. Then we can all go on to the next one.

  64. Holey moley sucks idk why they even keep it zzz grand hotel was great lesson learned do t get too attached to a show on abc anymore

  65. I am so disappointed. I loved the show!

  66. Why y’all gotta talk trash about other ABC shows. Greys Anatomy is the bomb! And still going strong!


  68. ABC keeps trash on like the Conners and the Bachelor and Bachelorette but cancel shows like Grand Hotel and Whiskey Cavalier. And way do they poll 18 to 49 years old what 18 watches tv. Poll 49 to 60 year olds they are the ones watching tv.

  69. Too bad! I really enjoyed this show.

  70. This is ridiculous! I am so tired 😫 of loving a new show and then it is cancelled! People stop watching the reality B.S ! And then you leave us with a damn cliff hanger! Im about to stop watching live T.V!!!! Netflix and Hulu here I come!!!!!!!

  71. I enjoyed this show immensely. It was my favorite show all summer! Please reconsider, ABC. Grand Hotel was cool! I liked Whiskey Cavalier too.

  72. That was a good show I think it’s wrong of them to cancel it and then in the show the way they did it that bull Sh**! So does that mean they’re going to bring back Morgan (Bryan Craig) To General Hospital?

  73. Why does ABC always cancel something that’s good first The chew now Grand hotel who ever is in charge of your programming sucks keep the show on

  74. So sad to see it go,loved this show!

  75. My favorite new show is gone. I’m so sorry.

  76. I am really starting to hate ABC. They cancel the good shows and keep the stupid ones. I loved Grand Hotel, Whiskey Caviler, my two best dinner shows. They have the nerve to have a zillion talks, game shows and attention lacking shows like Everything Bachelor and Rookie. Give me a break AB C. You will loose me as a viewer.

  77. I’m extremely disappointed. I enjoyed the show very much. I wanted to see what happened next season. What do people want to see? I liked the premise of Whiskey Cavalier, but I could see that it wasn’t going to work for ABC. It’s a challenge to give new shows a chance with the time slots given for new shows. I can’t stand Friday nights because that’s where shows die with lack of viewership. Maybe they can try a different network or go to Netflix.


  79. I LOVED this show and every character in it! Was really looking forward to the next season. So disappointing.

  80. Loved that show, acting was very good and so was the story…booo

  81. I am so frustrated with ABC. Everytime I buy into a show and give my time they pull the plug before providing a final episode. I just don’t even want to watch anything anymore for fear of it getting cancelled. How about you do a finale for cancelled shows, so we get some closure and don’t get so bitter with the network.

  82. I’m very annoyed about the decision to cancel Grand Hotel it moved at a very quick pace, no waiting for the suspense to happen. I really enjoyed the show. I guess ABC wanted to be loyal to DWTS.

  83. I really liked this show, just like Ava Longoria’s last show was also canceled too soon! Both show developed good story line for each actor, a little mystery done without t but e blood and gore. I’m disappointed in ABC choices.

  84. If this series was with a black or white cast it would still be on tv.

    Mainstream tv never gives an English series with a latino cast a chance.

    Biased and racist

  85. We loved watching it as a family in our house! Who doesn’t love a who done it?! I’m very disappointed to see it go, that’s a shame. There’s so very few faces that look like me on national mainstream TV, too bad it’s gone now too.
    Bring it back, please!

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