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Jane Fonda Arrested Along With ‘Grace and Frankie’ Co-Star

Oct 18, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Jane Fonda was arrested Friday along with one of her co-stars on the Netflix comedy series “Grace and Frankie.”

The AP reports that Fonda and actor Sam Waterston were arrested by U.S. Capitol Police during climate change protests in Washington.

“Fonda says she’s holding the events to draw more people into climate activism,” the AP reports. “Fonda tells The Associated Press she was last arrested for protesting in the 1970s. She says watching the climate activism of Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg helped inspire her to get back in.”

Deadline provides the following account:

“Fonda, 81, and Waterston, 78, were joined by about a dozen others who briefly blocked First Street on the east side of the Capitol, just in front of the Library of Congress. They had engaged in a rally, called Fire Drill Fridays, which is calling for immediate action on the environment with a Green New Deal.

“They marched briefly with demonstrators, chanting ‘Our house is on fire! Put the fire out!,’ before making their way to the street, where officers arrived within about a minute.

“Fellow demonstrators shouted ‘Jane, Jane’ as she was put in plastic cuffs and then escorted into a wagon to be processed at a Capitol Police facility. Waterston was arrested soon after that, in what he said was his first time being detained.”

The clip below, posted by WUSA9, includes raw footage of Fonda’s arrest …


  1. Stupid dusty old one trick pony… trying to be relevant by screwing up traffic, very pathetic. How needy is this washed up old hoe?

  2. That she is inspired by “Greta” a 16-year old with several mental issues is all you need to know.

  3. About the only socio-political action capable of drastically reversing climate change at this stage would be legislation to compel about 90% + of the human race to go back to living at a stone-age, subsistence level. Or just die. Which would amount to the same thing. That remaining percentage of people? That would be world leaders and the like… who would not suffer the affects of their legislation. When the Soviet Union was going through a new “5 Year Plan” every other Tuesday, good ol’ Uncle Joe Stalin wasn’t going hungry. He certainly wasn’t eating at the same level as the proletariat.

  4. I suppose anyone has a right to protest is this country, but it’s particularly painful to see this commie at after all these years. Climate change is a liberal construct designed to pull political power and resources from hardworking Americans.

  5. Really HANOI JANE , time for U. to appologise to ALL the Viet Nam vets and those who died and their families for your TREASONIST ACTS during theViet Nam War.
    If not then SHUT UP!!!!

  6. Too bad people can’t get past personalities and see the real issue. I live and served during Vietnam war, but this is not the issue. Wake up world.

  7. Why of course. OLD Jane tries to remain relavent by appearing to be “hip” (after having one one of hers replaced…lol).

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