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More Celebrities Arrested

Nov 1, 2019  •  Post A Comment

A number of Hollywood personalities were arrested Friday at the U.S. Capitol in Washington during weekly climate change protests. CBS News reports that Jane Fonda, who has been getting arrested at the protests on a weekly basis, was again among those taken into custody.

Joining Fonda were actresses Catherine Keener and Rosanna Arquette, who were also taken into custody by Capitol police, according to the report. Fonda spoke at the event — you can see some of her comments in the Twitter video below.

The weekly protests, dubbed “Fire Drill Fridays,” are each centered around their own theme.

“This week focused on women’s roles in the climate movement, and activists sat in a circle on the floor of the Hart Senate Office Building as part of their protest,” CBS News reports.

Fire Drill Fridays organizers wrote on the group’s Facebook page: “Climate change is a women’s issue! And women are at the heart of climate solutions. Around the world, women and girls are leading climate solutions, from stopping deforestation and improving agricultural practices to leading Climate Strikes and running for office as the kind of real climate leaders the world needs.”

CBS News cites Eva Malecki, a spokeswoman for the Capitol police, saying 46 people were taken into custody Friday for allegedly unlawfully demonstrating.

“Fonda moved to Washington earlier this year to fight against climate change,” CBS News reports. “She said she is willing to show up and get arrested every week until January. So far, the 81-year-old actress and longtime activist has also been arrested with actors Sam Waterston and Ted Danson.”


  1. Like them or not, at least they have passion and stand for something. Kudos to the ones who do speak out!

    • If history has shown me anything, it’s that innumerable people have had passion and stood for something… it’s just that their passion was misplaced and what they stood for was meaningless.

  2. These arrests are so handy to tell us whose future projects to avoid.

    I wonder how many flew and were driven to these protests?

  3. At least tthey didn’t screw up traffic this time. A few nights in the DC jail and these hags will quickly spew jet exhaust all the way back to LA!

  4. Protesters were worthless in the 60’s and they’re worthless now. Go become productive members of society. And stop spewing this climate change nonsense.

  5. All you need to know about climate change: Al Gore has several mansions & the Obamas just bought a huge mansion on an island. Obviously they are not worried about climate change.

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