Merger, Layoffs Hit ‘ET’ Universe

Dec 10, 2019  •  Post A Comment

The entertainment website ET Online and the live-streaming network ET Live are merging their staffs, triggering at least a dozen layoffs as of midday Tuesday, Variety reports. The outlets are the digital extensions of the CBS daily newsmagazine “Entertainment Tonight.”

The publication cites a source saying on-air ET Live hosts Tanner Thomason and Jason Carter are among the layoffs, while host Melicia Johnson has been moved to a new role within ET digital.

The report quotes a spokesperson for CBS Television Distribution Digital saying: “We have integrated the ET Online and ET Live teams to create one content group that will support and drive the ET brand across all digital platforms. As a result, some positions were reduced.”

The report notes that the staff reductions do not impact the broadcast program staff. The total number of layoffs was not known.


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