Media Consultant Rips NBC’s Peacock Plan

Jan 22, 2020  •  Post A Comment

When NBCUniversal revealed details about its upcoming Peacock streaming service last week, much of the attention was on the two-tiered structure, which includes a free ad-supported service. But at least one observer noticed a part of the Peacock plan that he suggests will be a problem for NBC’s affiliates.

In a column published by TVNewsCheck, media consultant Hank Price says the network’s affiliates “have good reason to be enraged” over a part of the arrangement that “changes the fundamental nature of network television.”

“Starting in July, Peacock premium subscribers will be able to watch ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ and ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ live, hours before they air in their regular slots on NBC affiliates,” Price writes. “Instead of the fresh product NBC stations now carry after their late newscasts, they will … be airing reruns of shows that have already aired on Peacock. This is an outrageous breach of trust between Comcast/NBCUniversal and the NBC affiliate body.”

Price adds: “Since the advent of Hulu, all networks have routinely posted programming on their on-demand channels immediately after affiliate airings, but the Fallon/Meyers decision creates a completely different ballgame. If NBC actually follows through with its plan, it is likely we will eventually see network programming routinely available on other platforms before it airs on the actual network. This has serious implications for the future viability of over-the-air network television.”

We encourage readers to click on the link above to TVNewsCheck to read Price’s full column.

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  1. Hank is 40 years behind the times the affiliate network model changed years ago. Affiliates now r paying the networks for their programming where they used to get paid by the Networkl. There are just so many hours of local news one can watch. You have to pay the band and if not the trade off is quality programming at the viewers desire.

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