Weinstein Lawyer Wants to Know Whether Potential Jurors Watch a Certain TV Show

Jan 17, 2020  •  Post A Comment

An attorney representing Harvey Weinstein in his rape trial in New York questioned prospective jurors Thursday about whether they watch “Law & Order,” Variety reports.

The report quotes Weinstein lawyer Damon Cheronis saying during jury selection: “I have a great question. I wrote it myself. Does anybody watch ‘Law & Order’?”

Variety notes that as Cheronis posed the question he approached the prospective jurors “with a smirk on his face and a charming laugh.“

“When a prospective female juror said she did watch the television series, the lawyer mentioned that he’s never seen the show, quipping, ‘I think there’s like 20 of them,'” Variety reports. “Then he asked the woman, ‘But do you watch them regularly?’ She said she typically watches ‘Law & Order: SVU,’ but then she admitted her favorite procedural is actually CBS’ ‘Criminal Minds.’”

Asked by Cheronis whether she roots for the prosecution or the defense when she watches “Law & Order,” the juror reportedly replied, “I root for the jury.”

Cheronis also engaged other jurors in a discussion of “Law & Order,” Variety reports, including asking an open question, “Is it a good show?,” for any of the panel of 20 potential jurors to answer. The replies reportedly included “It’s mindless” and “It’s background noise.”

“After two panels of prospective jurors were questioned by Weinstein’s defense and the D.A.’s office, seven jurors were chosen to serve on the two-month rape trial,” Variety reports. “None of the ‘Law & Order’ fans were ultimately selected for the jury.”

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