’24’ Made World Safe for Obama?

Jul 2, 2008  •  Post A Comment

“24’s” Dennis Haysbert said his portrayal of the nation’s first African-American president influenced the way the public thinks about diversity in presidential politics, the Associated Press reports. Haysbert said his performance “[opened] the eyes of the American people’ toward the possibility of having a black president like Barack Obama, the AP says.
—Sergio Ibarra


  1. He’s right. His terrific portrayal of Pres. David Palmer was a wonderful media role model, opening up people’s eyes to the possibilties of seeing a different kind of face in the White House. I’d also put Morgan Freeman’s terrific prez in the movie “Deep Impact” up there, too, as another portrayal that might have expanded some thinking, and of course D.B. Woodside as Wayne Palmer also was a great character. And who’s old enough to remember James Earl Jones as “The Man” in 1972’s movie of the same name?
    Sometimes entertainment can provoke new ways of thinking about old attitudes. Haysbert may have done more that we can ever thank him for to get this country going on the right track again.

  2. Gotta agree 100% w/Dennis. Matter of fact, many’s the time I wished he, or Freeman, or James Earl WERE our president.
    And trust me, I’m as Nilla as they come.

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