Becoming ‘So Fox’ for Fall TV Season

Aug 4, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Fox will begin rolling out its new “So Fox” branding campaign in the weeks leading up to the start of its fall season on Labor Day, Broadcasting & Cable reports. “The thing that’s important about this line is that it allows us to be self-effacing, which we think is very important for the Fox brand,” Fox executive VP for marketing and communications Joe Earley said. The initial general campaign will be followed by a second, show-specific promo push closer to debut dates, the trade says.
—Sergio Ibarra


  1. You know, I don’t think Fox thought that slogan out that well.
    Not that “Chime In” makes sense for NBC (they’ve gotten to the point of using the phrase “Be There” in many of their recent promos, you’d think they’d bring that successful three-season campaign back), but at least it invokes the signature G-E-C chimes. “Start Here” makes sense for ABC, since that’s how you begin the alphabet and they’re using the network as a starting point for their on-air and online endeavors.
    “So Fox” almost sounds like a certain profanity if heard incorrectly, but maybe that’s what they’re trying to get at. Also, if high-profile shows fail this season, can’t you imagine the wags using the campaign against them?
    “The lower-than expected ratings for Fringe and Idol are ‘So Fox’ up.”
    They really didn’t think it through.

  2. Thurston’s post makes absolutely no sense. FOX has the best promotions department of any network by far. That’s half the reason why they’re the #1 Network in the country. It’s catchy. And sounds NOTHING like a profanity. I sat here for 10 minutes trying to determine what on earth you could be alluding to…

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