Fox Turns to Focus Groups to Decide Paula Abdul’s Fate on ‘Idol’

Aug 19, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Fox has turned to focus group research to determine whether or not to bring Paula Abdul back to "American Idol," reports RadarOnline.com.

After negotiations broke down with the singer/choreogrpher-turned-judge, Abdul announced via Twitter that she had left the top-rated Fox show.

However, since that announcement, Abdul has been in talks for several other shows, including ABC’s "Dancing With the Stars." Fox is evaluating the results of the focus groups before asking her to come back to the show, RadarOnline says.

–Allison J. Waldman


  1. Fox is stupid (not to mention a little greedy.) Ditch the awful songwriter chick and go back to the original formula of 3 judges! 4 judges takes WAAAY too much time. Pay Paula what she’s worth and call it a day.

  2. I think it would be a grave ratings mistake not to bring Paula Abdul back to American Idol. Whenever the corporate suits mess with a show, its usually a disaster. Very few shows with cast survive for any length of time when one of its major players is bumped off – and lets face it, there are only three regulars. I have a feeling the focus groups will side with bringing Paula Abdul back, offering her a similar salary that has been given to the other two – its only fair!
    – Andrew, MALL727.net –

  3. American Idol just wouldn’t be the same without Paula’s incoherent ramblings. But she is definitely more important to the show than that moron Ryan Seacrest – get rid of him!

  4. I am done with Idol. It was perfectly ok the way it was and Fox went and ruined it.So bye bye Fox.

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