Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Reveals Why He Gave His Michael Jackson Tapes to ‘Dateline’ to Air This Friday Night; It’s Partly About the Pain Michael was in About His Childhood

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Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who was a spirtual advisor to Michael Jackson for a time, reveals why he gave his taped conversations to NBC’s "Dateline" in this piece he wrote for the Jerusalem Post.

In one passage in the article Schmuley writes that Jackson "wanted to make sure that Moms and Dads understood the risks of shortchanging their children. In one moving comment, which will be played on the NBC special, he told me just how badly he wanted to establish a regular holiday for kids: ‘I want the holiday so badly, that’s my dream. We should mention it to the UN. To me, it’s criminal not to acknowledge the children, our greatest asset. If there had been a Children’s Day when I was little and I could look at my father, ‘Okay, Daddy, Joseph, what are we going to do today?’ Do you know what that would have meant for me? He’d go, ‘Well, do you want to go to the movies?’ That would have meant so much to me. You just need that one moment of attention.’ "

–Allison J. Waldman and Chuck Ross


  1. Schmulley’s actions make me sick.
    Goddess forgive (and help) me as, over time, experience has made me more and more disgusted with (and suspicious of) Jews.
    Schmulley is reinforcing the ugly stereotype that a Jew will play your ‘friend’ yet turn around and betray African Americans, Latinos and even their own grandmother for $$.

  2. Amen.

  3. Michael asked Schmuley to write that book and tell his story the way he wanted it told. The Rabbi did a huge service to Michael and humanity by maintaining MJ’s dignity and getting the message across to pay attention to your children (and stay away from drugs). It’s a very sad story but one that had to be told. THANK YOU SCHMULEY!

  4. starla : Your proof of this is what?
    I feel as “blue eyed chick” posted. Shmuley releasing this doesnt help break the noticon that Jews only work 4 $.
    & why release it now when MJ just died?

  5. I totally agree with bluegreen- eyed mixed chick. This Rabbi person was no friend to MJ, he (this Rabbi) was and is a person who just wanted MJ to do as HE (Shmuley the Shmuck) wanted him to do. What kind of “friend” would write a book such as this? This Boteach person is a money hungry Jew to his core…and there is no other way to see him. He (Shmuley Shmuck) is a prime example of why people feel the way they do about Jewish people!. Between Madoff and Boteach i’m starting to see why so many people dislike Jews so much. Who can like them when they are so money hungry like they all seem to be. I hope no one buys his MJ book!! He is a tyrant who passes judgement and wants to control….and that was his problem with MJ. He wasn’t trying to help MJ, he was trying to rule and control him. Who the hell is Shmuley to tell a grown man when he should go to bed and wake up?… because what is “normal” for one person may not be normal for another person, Shmuley Shmuck!!, I am Nocturnal, I have been all of my life, ever since I was born and even when I was an infant so my mom tells me, and I wish Shmuley Shmuck, or anyone would try to tell me when to go to bed, or what the hell to do. Go away Shmuley Shmuck, you are a waste of space…go boss your 9 kids around and tell them what to do!.. maybe someone should have told you to stop having so many damn babies you Shmuck!!…why didn’t you control your sexual urges the way you tried to control MJ? you should have stopped and controled your private parts Shmuck, instead of acting like a damn sex obsessed idiot by having all of those kids you had, you stupid ugly, (inside and out) little man!!!

  6. I read the book and am amazed at how closely Schmuley resembles Martin Bashir. Very presumtuous accusations of MJ with very little effort to try to understand MJs point of view. Oten times he took MJs comments out of context and it was obvious to me Schmuley was trying to create a poor opinion of MJ. Yet at other times he said positive things about MJ. It is an excellent read to get to know MJ better. He expresses himself well and if anyone has any intuition, they would understand MJs comments and relate to him because we are all human. I was disturbed very much by Schmueley’s lack of respect for MJ when he inserts his own opinion of Michael. Perhaps he was jealous and angry because Michael chose to back out of the relationship. So, this is his way of ‘getting back’? I’m not sure. Very confusing messages from Schmuley. Nevertheless, you will love MJ even more by reading this book!! If you are a single girl and love ALL children and traveling around the world and am not star struck nor greedy for money, you would have made an excellent wife for MJ cuz that is the kind of girl he wished he had. He is a very loving and kind person who was looking to be loved as well.

  7. I see it as more of the fact that he’s just another snake-oil salesman in clergyman’s clothing. You’ll find despicable people in all religions, be it Jew, Christian or Muslim.

  8. Hmmm i just am mad overmichael and his sound. Michael was naughty, I was shocked at his death and the music world will never be the same again

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