Live, on Stage: Conan O’Briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiien!

Feb 19, 2010  •  Post A Comment

As part of his settlement with NBC, Conan O’Brien is contractually prohibited from appearing on TV until Sept. 1, but that doesn’t mean he can’t perform live, on stage, the N.Y. Post’s Page Six reports.

So O’Brien is considering appearing in a series of live stage shows to keep him in the limelight.

One venue that could be a possibility is New York’s famous Radio City Music Hall, a source told the Post.

The irony there is that Radio City is located directly across the street from O’Brien’s former employer, NBC.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. The echos coming back from a deserted hall should perhaps convince Conan to pack it up and go away.I certainly hope so! In the words of my Uncle Howard “Take the money and run you hammy loser” Uncle Howard doesn’t mince words!

  2. Don’t be surprised if no one shows up to watch until the last few minutes.

  3. I assume you two must be over 45 and think Jay Leno is funny.
    As an under-30 person, I can tell you Conan will draw in huge crowds for these shows, especially at colleges.
    The Jay Leno Show sucked, which brought in low local news ratings, which pulled down Conan’s numbers. Hope Letterman beats Jay’s butt when Olympics are done.

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