Not Pretty: Jenny McCarthy’s Encounter with Steven Seagal During an Audition; She Claims He Asked Her to Strip

Apr 23, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Steven Seagal, who was recently sued for for sexual assault and trafficking women for sex (which shut down the shooting of his A&E TV show, "Lawman"), was accused by Jenny McCarthy of unprofessional conduct during an audition a number of years ago.

Movieline found a 1998 interview it conducted with McCarthy in which the actress claimed Seagal asked her to strip during an audition for the film "Under Seige 2." 

Here’s an excerpt from the McCarthy interview: "When I said, ‘Well, I’m ready to read,’ he said, ‘Stand up, you have to be kind of sexy in the movie and in that dress, I can’t tell.’ I stand up and he goes, ‘Take off your dress.’ I said, ‘What?’ and he said, ‘There’s nudity.’ I said, ‘No, there’s not, or I wouldn’t be here right now.’ He said again, ‘There’s nudity,’ and I said, ‘The pages are right in front of me. There’s no nudity.’ He goes, ‘Take off your dress.’ I just started crying and said, ‘Rent my [Playboy] video, you a**hole!’ and ran out to the car.” That wasn’t quite the end of it. “I’m closing my car door and he grabs me and says, ‘Don’t you ever tell anybody.’ He won’t sue me or say anything because he knows it’s true. If I saw him today, I would still say, ‘You’re a f***ing a**hole and I really hope you change your ways.’”

The current Movieline article also notes that Seagal’s lawyer has said, regarding the sexual assault suit, " “The lawsuit filed by Kayden Nguyen against Steven Seagal is a ridiculous and absurd claim by a disgruntled ex-employee who was fired for using illegal narcotics.’ He also called the suit a ‘complete fabrication without a scintilla of truth.’ "


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