Is Mr. or Ms. Politician Telling the Truth on the Sunday Morning Talk Shows? Now One of Those Shows Is Making a Big Effort to Actually Check Out If What We’re Being Told is True or Not

Apr 13, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Ever wonder if politicians spouting forth on Sunday morning news programs are telling the truth? Now you’ll have a way of knowing, the New York Times reports.

ABC’s "This Week" is adding a fact-checking service from the Web site PolitiFact.com, which sorts through the statements made during the show to rate them on a meter that ranges from "true" to "pants on fire!" status.

The shortcoming of the service, which began this week, is that the judgments arrive several hours after the program ends (on Sunday, PolitiFact posted its first assessments seven hours after the show aired.) “I’m supposed to be the first line of defense. But this is an acknowledgment that immediate fact checking is often not as easy as it sounds," "This Week" interim anchor Jake Tapper said in the article.


  1. Interesting that this is being instituted in a midterm election year. No one fact checked when Bush was in office and no one cared much about accuracy when Obama was the panacea. It reminds me of all the “recession is over” stories in the mainstream press. Gotta carry that water before the fall elections.

  2. It won’t make a bit of difference. I like the idea of voting out all of the incumbents, and vote for whoever opposes them. It’ll send some kind of message.

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