VH1 Books Two New Shows for the Summer

May 20, 2010  •  Post A Comment

There will be two new reality shows joining the VH1 line-up this summer, "You’re Cut Off" and "Bridal Bootcamp," the network announced today.

In the latter, overweight brides who are gearing up to look gorgeous on the wedding day are put through the rigors of a strict diet and exercise regime. Cynthia Conde, the founder and bestselling author of "Bridal Bootcamp," is running the operation on screen.

"You’re Cut Off" takes nine ladies who are over-indulged to "spoiled rotten rehab" where they must do daily chores and follow the lessons taught by life coach Laura Baron.

"You’re Cut Off" premieres June 9 at 9 p.m., while "Bridal Bootcamp" follows at 10 p.m. the same date.


  1. Ok VH1 why dont you get what the viewrs want to see???!!? so the new shows sound like theyd be interesting but nothing is like what we already grown to love. and like it or not it is the love shows!!! flav was cool then the spin offs nice, but ray j doing his love show was great, me and my friends always said a singer or rapper should do a show for dating like ludacris or neyo or 50cent or smthn. then you guys were genious enough to give rayj a show which was GREATLY ENTERTAINIG!!!! but now ur done w the shows like that??? please no!!!! keep going w it! the best spin off i love money!!!! you have so many new ppl that could make great and interesting new casts for so many future seasons! that show is GREAT y stop now w it. MTV isnt stupid they know what they r doing w the rwrr challange shows. they ddnt stop at 2-3-4 seasons they went on to season after season after season and still going strong!!!! i love it its not a question to me every year “is there gonna be another real world road rules challange???” because i know the answer is “YES” but w VH1 its like please dnt get rida my fav show plz dnt gt rida my fav shw!!! and u do. me and my friends will be so disapointd if u gt rida the dating shows, and i love money! you wer takn over w all the new dating shows, then the new ppl go on i love $ and do that show and so on an so forth there go all ur seasons and viewers and $$$$$$$. so please we need our dating shows and or i love money game show, and also r charm school, but wbhat aboyt the guys… charm school for guys n e 1???????? im tellin u what ppl wanna c an thats it!!!!!!!!! get another singer/rapper to do a dating show!!!!!!!!

  2. You are soooo right girl, you tell them! maybe they will listen if someone tells them how it really is! I love I Love Money!

  3. i just want them to air megan wants a millionaire!

  4. Hey how are you doing? I just wanted to stop by and say that it’s been a pleasure reading your blog. I have bookmarked your website so that I can come back & read more in the future as well. plz do keep up the quality writing

  5. thanks guys! i just love my tv, and my shows… and y stop if its what the fans wanna c?! we got our i love $. but i thought they wouldv brought back megans show, thats messed up!

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