Saudi Youths on MTV Program May Face Corporal Punishment and Imprisonment

Jun 2, 2010  •  Post A Comment

 Three Saudi youths featured on an MTV reality program may face charges of "openly declaring sin" in their home country, reports The New York Times.

"True Life – Resist the Power, Saudi Arabia," which aired last month, featured interviews with young people such as Aziz, who was shown trying to meet his girlfriend for a date. Such a meeting is risky in the country, whose laws require unrelated men and women to keep apart. The Islamic sharia court may take one week or more to decide whether to proceed with a trial or dismiss the charges, according to an official at the court in Jeddah who spoke to Reuters, the Times said.

According to the Times article, "Penalties for convictions on morality offenses can include corporal punishment and imprisonment. MTV did not immediately respond to a request for comment."


  1. Big of MTV Networks to presume a political position, and insert some youngsters who should know better to be their camera meat. Just to to get ratings, of course. Nice of them to use some kids and throw them aside like that. Don’t expect them to do anything on those kids’ behalf… unless it helps their ratings. But cameras in prison = not as easy, sexy, or cool.

  2. Kind of makes you glad you live in the United States. Is it still safe to film in Muslim countries like Dubai, or should we film at home? Keith Warn

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