Why the New York Post’s Page Six Called Larry David on His Cell Phone (to which David replied, ‘How did you get my number? You can’t just call my cell phone.’)

Jun 17, 2010  •  Post A Comment

So why did the New York Post’s Page Six call Larry David on his cell phone?

They wanted to ask him if the rumors were true that his ex-wife Laurie was the cause of the marriage breaking up between Al and Tipper Gore.

After recovering from the fact that he was receiving an unsolicted call from a Page Six reporter on his cell phone, David said, according to Page Six, "I commend your industriousness. Very nice try." Then he said the rumor was "complete nonsense," adding "Sorry I cannot give you more."


  1. So….who’s cell phone can I just call, Larry? Geez, what an ego. One successful show and he thinks he’s God or something.

  2. Who is Larry David? Really, who is he?

  3. you’re both idiots

  4. What did he do wrong? He answered the question and didn’t just hang up. Seems like you all just want to start something.

  5. Calling poor Larry on such a personal matter…shame on NY POST..more work no doubt of the ink-stained wretches of the 5th estate

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