As ‘Bleep My Dad Says’ Gets Closer to Debut, PTC Ramps Up Anti-Show Campaign

Aug 3, 2010  •  Post A Comment

As "Bleep My Dad Says" gets closer to its September debut, the Parents Television Council is ramping up its campaign against the program by sending letters to 300 advertisers, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

The group is asking advertisers to sit back from the show "unless they wish to associate their hard-earned brands with excrement," according to the letter, the story says. PTC President Tim Winter said, "Unless or until CBS chooses a different title for this program, we are urging advertisers to avoid sponsoring such an abomination purported to be lighthearted fun.

According to the story, PTC is offering advertisers two options: Either they can be complicit in the effort to serve up excrement in front of children and families, or they can choose not to associate their products and services with excrement."

CBS countered on Monday by saying that the show "will in no way be indecent and will adhere to all CBS standards."


  1. Two questions…
    1) Since when is “bleep” a euphemism for excrement?
    2) Just who appointed PTC guardians of taste to determine that bleep” is an offensive term?
    I guess this is some peoples’ idea of progress. We’ve moved from four letter words… up to five.
    One can only imagine their outrage had CBS decided to use the word “stuff” instead of “bleep.”

  2. Why didn’t they just use “Stuff My Dad Says”? Unoffensive and it means pretty-much the same thing. I guess the show would not get the PR ride it’s getting if they did!

  3. Ed, you just answered your own question. The PTL needs to just worry about what their own kids watch and stop trying to police mine!

  4. I meant PTC. S#*%!

  5. Ed, you just answered your own question. The PTL needs to just worry about what THEIR kids watch and stop trying to police mine!
    I meant PTC. S#*%!

  6. What is worse than PTC sending out thousands of complaints about stuff they have never even seen is that the media companies and the FCC usually respond to their S#*%

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