Former ‘Price Is Right’ Model Sues Bob Barker

Aug 9, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Shane Stirling, a former model on CBS’s "The Price Is Right," has filed a suit against the former host of the show, Bob Barker, alleging that he had her fired when she was pregnant, reports the UPI.

Stirling was fired in 2006 because Barker reportedly objected to the liability issues related to her condition, according to the suit. Stirling was rehired in 2008, but then dismissed again when the program took a new direction.

Stirling is seeking $25,000 in damages.


  1. Shane Stirling reads like a gold-digger. If Bob Barker was concerned about the liability issues concerning a pregnant woman – well those are real issues. Could it have been handled better…yes. In this case rather than being fired, she should have simply got a leave of absence – that would have been a much better solution. However badly handled, Barker and CBS as well the production company that produces the show showed compassion in the sense not to have her endanger herself and that of her unborn child. Lets be honest, her child was and is more important than the woman’s career at that/this point – its introducing a new life into the world – and that life is dependent on those whom conceived it. What makes Shane’s case more frivolous is the fact that CBS rehired her after she had the baby – if it was truly a ’firing’, trust me, they most likely would not have brought her back to the program. If Shane started making a lot of noises about the host after her return, that was a mistake on her part. As to the show changing directions, well, yeah – Bob Barker was retiring and the producers and network had a right to bring in new people for Drew Carey. Look Stirling, be a good mother, work on rebuilding your career as a model, and when your child starts first grade, you should be able to get back into the swing of things. As to your suit, I think you are going to lose. And inasmuch as you’ve been making a lot of negative noise, it’s going to make it that much harder on you – since other media companies will be more wary of you because of their fear of your potential of bringing litigation on them.

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