Satellite TV ‘One of the Most Complained-About Industries,’ Says Better Business Bureau–And Guess What Most of the Complaints Are About

Aug 4, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Satellite TV providers were among the most complained-about services to the Better Business Bureau, reports B&C.

In a press release, BBB wrote, "In the past three years, more than 53,000 customers have complained to the Better Business Bureau about satellite TV providers, with 39,000 of those complaints filed against DirecTV and 13,000 filed against Dish Network."

Top complaint categories were early termination fees–the bureau said the complaints included having to pay more than $600 to cancel–service issues, upgrades that extended contract periods, and low-cost introductory offers that either didn’t come through as advertised or morphed into regular prices higher than the customer was expecting, the article reports.

The bureau suggested that consumers read contracts completely before agreeing to sign up for satellite TV service.

DirecTV took issue with the BBB’s claims, but Dish TV issued a statement saying it appreciated the comments from the bureau.


  1. I was a 16-year subscriber to DirecTV until they tried to extort $49.50 to replace an upstairs DVR that went bad. So I switched to AT&T U-Verse (not a pleasant experience getting it hooked up, but I like the channels and the ability to record DVDs from EVERY channel!). DTV charged me $150 to disconnect from their lousy satellite. Then they said “keep the dish” on the roof. They didn’t want it. Wasteful I say.

  2. I signed up for Directv because an old roomate had run up my Comcast bill. I had a standard box in my living room and a DVR in both bedrooms. Within less than 8 months they had to replace the standard box 3 times and each DVR 7 times. They refused to send a tech out, they would only mail them FedEx (which was dropped off on the front step of my apartment bldg) and I still had the problems again days after hooking up the new boxes. Then they still had the nerve to try to charge me an early term fee for service they weren’t even providing!!! after a week of arguing and 3 Supervisors later they finally disolved my contract but they wouldn’t even reimburse me for the service issues. I will never do that again!

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