In the ‘Event’ NBC Does Poorly This Fall, Blame This Show

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NBC’s greatest hope for the fall TV season is "The Event," according to The New York Times, which notes that the show is getting a "multimillion-dollar advertising campaign that is entering its final weeks."

"The Event" is clearly NBC’s big hope for a fall television hit, and the network is doing everything it can to draw viewers to its debut, including dropping mysterious clues, making large advertising buys and having a star–Blair Underwood–who Twitters and posts Facebook updates reminding fans to watch, the article says.

The multimillion-dollar ad campaign, however, doesn’t let viewers know what the event referenced in the title is, with the goal of creating a mystery that NBC hopes will draw in viewers.

According to the story, Jeffrey Reiner, an executive producer and a director of “The Event,” says he even turned down his mother when she asked the meaning of the title. “And I said, ‘I love you, but I am not at liberty to discuss it,’" he says.

The advertising buys include several-page magazine spreads and commercials that feature quotes from people who went to a screening (one person compared the series to "Lost," which went off the air in May). NBC plans to rebroadcast the first episode of "The Event" on six of NBC Universal’s cable channels, the story says.

The network is also holding advance screenings in five cities, including Petersburg, Va., the hometown of star Underwood. Underwood’s daily tweeting and Facebook posting about the show partly helped win his hometown the honor, the story says.



  2. dgl – So you’re saying NBC should just cease to exist?

  3. For Losties, which is probably it’s target audience, it’s probably not going to hold up to the appeal of that show – at the very least, because it’s a retread.
    For the non-Losties like me, well, I’m going to avid it, because I never liked “ost” in the first place.
    Look for “‘Event’ is a non-event” headlines coming soon…

  4. I was never a Lost fan, having predicted (just from the info that was available before the show aired) how the show was going to end, thereby making the entire series a let down I didn’t want to waste my time on.
    The Event intrigues me, but NBC better handle this right. I have a suspicion each episode is going to end on a “to be continued” note, and I absolutely despise continued stories. I like a little mystery, but if the mystery about what the event is… is the basis of the series, that will grow old real quick.

  5. I cant wait for Monday Night Football; they always seem to have some great matchups on Monday. Have you seen the 2010 nfl season schedule yet? Do you have your pick to win the superbowl yet?

  6. Pittsburg Steelers is a good team,I like it.

  7. I was initially intrigued by the teasers, but they ran way too long. I was a LOST fan, along with other scifi series.
    But after watching the first hour of “The Event”, there was zero interest for me to continue. Horrible.

  8. I think “The Event” is the new 24, only better! I love the show and look forward
    to watching it every week. I could care less about football, or any sports on tv.
    In my profession a work week is 50 to 60 hours a week, not including emergency calls over the weekend (day or night) and want to watch a televison show that helps me escape and keeps me pondering week to week, which in turn keeps me intrigued. I think NBC would be foolish to cancel this show.

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