How Much Larry Hagman Can Viewers Expect in TNT’s New Version of ‘Dallas’? ‘Enough,’ Says One of the Show’s Other Returning Stars

Nov 15, 2010  •  Post A Comment

When the revival of the Larry Hagman/Patrick Duffy prime-time soap "Dallas" premieres on TNT, there will be significant changes, reports TV Guide.

Miss Ellie and Clayton are dead, for one thing, and Bobby is remarried.

The network is negotiating to ensure the participation of Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy as J.R. and Bobby Ewing, as well as Linda Gray as J.R.’s ex Sue Ellen. According to details from the script, the Bobby character will have a new wife, meaning no Victoria Principal as Pamela, and the pilot will catch up on many story lines from the end of the original series.

Patrick Duffy told TV Guide that much of the new project will deal with the children of J.R. and Bobby. "It’s carried by John Ross, Christopher and their group, but they put us in enough to carry our old fans,” Duffy said.


  1. When Duffy says “old fans” he really means it. Very few of them will be sponsor-friendly for the 18-49-year-old advertiser.

  2. Way to focus and straight to your point, i love it. Keep up the work people. Dont let anyone stop us bloggers.

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