TV Writer Coleman Jacoby Dies; He Introduced Jackie Gleason to Art Carney, and Created Memorable Gleason Characters Such as Joe the Bartender and Reginald Van Gleason III

Nov 15, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Coleman Jacoby, who wrote some of Jackie Gleason’s most memorable characters on the DuMont Network’s "Cavalcade of Stars" in the 1950s, has died, The New York Times reports. He was 95 years old.

Jacoby and his partner Arnie Rosen were hired to write sketches for Gleason, creating some of his best-known characters, including "that devil-may-care playboy" Reginald Van Gleason III (for a clip, click here), Joe the Bartender, Charlie Bratton the Loud Mouth and the inept Rudy the Repairman, the story says.

Jacoby and Rosen are also credited with introducing Art Carney to Gleason, when the pair suggested Carney, with whom they had worked with on a CBS radio show, for a part in a role in the first Reggie Van Gleason skit, the article notes. Gleason and Carney went on to star in the 1950s comedy "The Honeymooners."

In 1956, Jacoby and Rosen were tapped to write for "You’ll Never Get Rich," a comedy starring Phil Silvers as Sergeant Ernie Bilko, which was later known as "The Phil Silvers Show." Following that, they wrote for "The Garry Moore Show" for five years, and split when Rosen left to produce "The Carol Burnett Show" in 1967.

Jacoby went on to form Jacoby-Monet Productions, which made television specials.

He is survived by his daughter, Catherine Loria Parker.

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