Report: Cops’ Working Theory of Ronni Chasen Murder Is That It Was a Hit

Nov 19, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The working theory of the Beverly Hills police is that the murder of Ronnie Chasen "was planned in advance and not the result of road rage or a carjacking gone awry," report Daniel Miller and Bill Higgins in The Hollywood Reporter.

The reporters base their report on an unnamed "Beverly Hills city official who was briefed by Police Chief David Snowden," the article says.

The theory is that Chasen was shot from another vehicle. The Associated Press reports that Beverly Hills Mayor Jimmy Delshad told various media outlets that "detectives believe the bullets came from an SUV because of the high angle of shots fired."

What the police don’t have at this point is a motive for the killing, the THR article says. The way Miller and Higgins put it is: "it remains unclear whether Chasen was personally targeted in the incident or why she might have been the target."

Miller and Higgins also report that "THR’s city official source said police have obtained relevant footage from one or perhaps multiple security cameras located at a residence on Whittier, just down the street from the intersection of Whittier and Greenway. Sources tell THR that the property is the home of Sherry Hackett, widow of the late comedian and actor Buddy Hackett. A woman who answered the door at the Whittier residence Thursday identified herself as an assistant to Hackett and said she knew nothing of the incident but that Hackett slept through it. Hackett was not at the house Thursday."

The report also says that police are actively seeking video footage from other security cameras in the area.


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