Inevitable Future? ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, Starting at Quarterback for the New York Giants is Eli Manning, Sponsored by AT&T, Pepsi and Chevy’

Feb 23, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Are the uniforms of NFL players soon to be a patchwork of ad logos by sponsors, in imitation of NASCAR racing cars?

"In as little as three years, experts predict the NFL will come down with a case of NASCAR-itis and finally turn players into bill boards. More than $230 million in advertising money is up for grabs if teams let sponsors buy space on NFL jerseys, according to a recent study by media analysts Horizon Media." 

So writes Maxine Shen in  an article in the New York Post.

The article adds, "The lure of that kind of money is especially strong now — as the Players’ Union is expected to demand a bigger share of league revenues when negotiations over a new labor agreement begin this spring. The prospect of allowing NFL jerseys to be used for advertising has been kicking around for a number of years. Ads on uniforms have been standard in the European soccer leagues for years."

A spokesman for the NFL told the Post that the league does not have plans to put logos on players uniforms, adding that "We are often approached by companies" to do so.

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  1. Next, they’ll sell naming rights to the teams. Get ready for the New York Green Giants, The Indianapolis Colt 45s and the Chicago Red Bulls!

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