To Deal with Charlie Sheen’s Absence, CBS Orders More ‘Mike and Molly’, ‘Rules of Engagement’

Feb 1, 2011  •  Post A Comment

To help cope with the absence of Charlie Sheen from "Two and a Half Men," CBS has ordered two additional episodes of "Mike and Molly" and "Rules of Engagement," reports the Hollywood Reporter.

The extra episodes of the Monday shows will help fill in the schedule as Sheen reportedly completes a rehab program at his home with a trained addiction expert, the story notes.

Warner Bros. Television, which produces both "MIke and Molly" and "Two and a Half Men," wouldn’t comment on the additional episode order, while neither CBS nor Sony Pictures TV, which makes "Rules of Engagement," immediately responded to requests for comment, the story notes.


  1. I’m glad both Mike & Molly as well Rules Of Engagement will be getting more airplay on CBS Primetime, but I cannot help but feel sad for the actors and technical crew at Three & A Half Men, losing work in the process due to Charlie Sheen’s misadventures. Charlie, I want you to realize the longer ‘Three & A Half Men’ is out of production, that there are real people – some possibly even friends of yours that will be out of work. You have your friends and family worried about you and you have co-workers who depend on you to help them make a living. And even though you are lucky to be a part of a hit show, the longer the series is off the air, the greater chance it will not be renewed for the fall season – this is reality Charlie! Keep in mind, when you do get back, there will be fewer production companies – television and movies, who will want to take a risk on you. Charlie, you have a wonderful talent and a great sense of comic timing. But seriously, its time to slow down and see what you risk losing by continued aberrant behavior. This is about you, it is about your family, and mostly its about the children you helped bring into the world. Keep in mind that drugs and alcohol abuse will quickly age you – no man is superman no matter how hard they try. Sheen, I enjoy your acting and that of your father’s – and I would like to see more of it. But more important, your children would like to see their dad as well as you would like to see your dad. And I know your children are very important to you! Glitz is material, Love is internal – and both can be lost in short order, ask ’Hammertime’ and ’Nicholas Cage’ about it in their own dealings in trying to hold onto their wealth. Get a hobby that absorbs you so much, that you don’t have time to depend on alcohol or other stimulants in order to have a good time. Charlie, take a good hard look in the mirror of yourself and your soul to see who you really are. Take a good hard look at your children and their importance of you to them as well their importance to yourself. Charlie, we are only given so many chances, and if we fail to take heed of the warnings, there is a point of no return – you may be at the crossroads right now. But only you know this. I’ve seen people who were once healthy drink themselves to death – and they were in as great a shape as you. I’m just a fan of your acting, and I’d like to see more of your acting in the future. But I will be very honest – the only person who can really save you is you and the grace of God! Keep that in mind Charlie, huh? – Andrew Boggs, BA –

  2. I heard on the radio this morning that Charlie never went to rehab at all. He was in his personal home the whole time the press believe he was away.

  3. Unfortunately it may require Charlie losing everything for him to finally accept his problem and get serious about help.

  4. Unfortunately it may require Charlie losing everything for him to finally accept his problem and get serious about help.

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