MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ Host Scarborough Denies He and Brzezinski Are Considering Leaving

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MSNBC’s "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough tells the New York Post’s Page Six that he and his co-host Mika Brzezinski are not considering moving to another network, despite rumors that they were looking for a syndication deal and that CBS is allegedly interested in the pair.

The story notes that it was rumored "Morning Joe" executive producer Chris Licht was talking with other networks in case the "Morning Joe" hosts left MSNBC. Scarborough said, "Mika and I are not ‘shopping’ a show to anyone. Nor have we since ‘Morning Joe’ was launched in 2007. Since that time, Mika and I have loved working side by side with Chris Licht and consider him to be a part of our family. Mika, Chris and I hope to be working together for decades to come. Anyone suggesting otherwise is not telling the truth."


  1. we enjoy the show but wish Joe would not immediately speak, talk so long or interrupt. We like hearing the various viewpoints in their entirety and have liked Mika having a bigger role this week in leading the discussion

  2. Mika and Joe are grossly overpaid airheads.
    Their one achievement is that they can effortlessly dumb down anything they rant about.
    No wonder they “love working side by side.”
    The sooner they stop their insulting charade, the better.

  3. Some times they surprise me (in a good way) with the issues that they do tackle. On the other hand, more times than not, they turn away from the fire. Examples? When the CEO of 3M recently sharply criticized Mr. Obama as it relates to business, I thought for sure they would comment. As both Congressmen and Senators call on the Obama administration to reveal the criteria used to grant HCR waivers and get no response, here too I thought for sure something would be said. In both cases, nothing.
    I get that Mika is an “Obama-Mama”, but Joe, what stopped you? Or perhaps it was the suits at MSNBC?

  4. I used to set my alarm clock to get up in time for the show. Now, I take a sleeping pill to oversleep so I am not tempted to listen to the fights and over-talking of each other. Mika is too aggressive and the men seem to baby her and give in her every whim. Why can’t the producers tell her to chill out sometimes and allow others to talk and for goodness sake let someone finish a sentence or a thought.

  5. I am having more and more problems watching your show. Mika seems to be a dominant player. Where Joe has levity in his style. Mika comes across as a cold mechanical co-host. I am a Jazz musician. We improvise by listing and playing off of one another.
    Joe is a good jazzer, He plays off the panel quit well but Mika doesn’t seem to have the ear. She reads the news just fine.
    Bottom line. This show is often to hard to watch because of the lack of chemistry between the players. If your goal is to have a jousting match then you a succeeded. But if you want a light, easy morning show with smooth discussion about to topical news. Dump Mika or give her a lesser role.

  6. The chemistry between Mike and Joe is horrible–a great mismatch! That is unless you are a male and love that Joe never gives Mika–and often other guests as well–an opportunity to voice an opinion that differs from his. Just the other day Mika was trying to speak and Joe very bully-like yells “Stop, stop, stop!”–in an effort to silence what little chance she has to express herself. Today was the last straw for me in watching a show I once liked. The entire time Joe was attempting to malign the President and your guests–and in a very major way misquoting what was said regarding Cheney and Bush and their support of torture. He is too much of a bully–becoming a little Limbaugh-like in his behavior. Why Mika would ever wish to remain as a co-host with him is beyond me. Let us former fans know what is going to be done to bring the show back on track so that Joe shows some manners and Mika is not being treated like Joe’s lap dog.

  7. Take Morning Joe off the air NOW

  8. These two should stay away from the morning show. Joe is rude, interrupts, and keeps on attacking President Bush, who probably does not even remember him. The guests in this show are boring, with nothing interesting to say. Mika has the habit of making facial expressions when anyone speaks about republicans. I am sure her father is sorry he helped her get that job. These show will close very soon, because they have no audience, same as Rachel and the last word. These two hosts are the most envious and jeaulous people ever, because nobody pays attention to them, or their insults, but…ignorance is bliss…

  9. I don’t watch Fox because of the yelling and talking over it’s guests if they don’t agree. On Morning Joe it’s the same with host Joe S. constantly interrupting and talking over, yelling over people who don’t agree with his conservative, early 90’s attitude. I’ve done this four times now and hope to finalize it this morn. I am done watching this show because of the arrowgance of it’s host Joe S.
    He is not my kind of host or polotician due to his arrowgance and being such a bully to his co host and guests–I have a choice. Too hot to correct spelling errors.

  10. Mika does make the show “morning joe” a success.,
    Mika is a democrat & Joe Scarborough being a republican, tries to drowned her out at ea & every turn & especially when hot issues come up such as any current actions of Hillary Clinton.
    Not sure if olé Scarborough is sleeping with,Mika or not as its been rumored but she surely is worthy of equal pay on msnbc whatever & she’s got the talent, looks & expertise to be the anchor on msnbc or any morning show.

    I’ll follow Mika ea morn wherever she goes.

    Joe G Bowen
    Miss Gulf Coast
    Riviera of the South

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